What are the best ways to shape the shoulder muscles?

Along with tight bellies, thighs, and buttocks, well-shaped shoulders are a dream for both men and women. However, achieving relief, especially for men, takes time and constant work in the gym.

For those of you who are looking for the right exercises for this part of the body, we have selected five of the most effective among them. With regular training, the results will not be late.

What is the shoulder muscle group?

The shoulder muscle group (or deltoid muscle) consists of three parts - front, middle and back shoulder, each of which has a different function. Some exercises affect all parts of the shoulder, but to achieve even better results and relief in this area it is necessary to focus on exercises that load the individual parts.

What are the best ways to shape the shoulder muscles

The front shoulder muscle (front shoulder) starts from the side of the clavicle and is responsible for folding the shoulders. Most chest and shoulder exercises put a strain on this part of the shoulder, so no special attention needs to be paid to it.

The lateral part of the shoulder (middle shoulder) starts from the outer part of the shoulder blade and is located in the middle of the whole muscle group.

 Its function is to raise the arms to the sides and up. Suitable exercises for the middle shoulder are dissolving with dumbbells and Arnold presses.

The posterior shoulder muscle (posterior shoulder) has a stabilizing function and is responsible for the movement of the arm outward and sideways. It puts more strain on the back than on the shoulder. Therefore, if you want to shape and emphasize the V-shape of the back, you need to pay special attention to it. A suitable training for the back shoulder is pulling a pulley.

What are the 5 proven effective shoulder relief exercises?

Shoulder press with barbell

Shoulder press with a barbell is a very effective basic exercise that loads all three heads of the shoulder at the same time. For better results, the exercise should be performed from a standing position. In this way, you move the weight in a trajectory of your choice, and more muscle groups are loaded - some to lift the weight and others to stabilize the movement.

Read more: The best exercises in the gym for the most popular sports in usa For proper performance, stand in front of the lever with a stride slightly narrower than the shoulders. The grip should be shoulder-width, or slightly wider than the shoulders. Take the barbell and stand in a position so that it touches the upper part of the chest, and from there push straight up. 

When pushing up, the bar should go over the head, not up and forward. This focuses more on the shoulder muscles rather than the back. If you do not feel a load in the shoulder muscles, you can reduce weights and increase repetitions, as well as reduce rest. Do 4 sets of 15, 12, 10 or 8 repetitions, depending on the desired results.

Lateral lifting with dumbbells

This exercise is great for working on the middle shoulder, but it's harder to master than it looks. It can be performed from a standing or sitting position, and for the overall development of the shoulder muscles, lifting from an upright position is recommended. Place your hands in front of your body or next to your thighs, bend your arms very slightly at the elbows and lift the dumbbells to the sides. Do 3 sets of 12, 10, or 8 repetitions.

Using a well-adjusted weight is key here. At higher weights, the ability to control is lost, which means that the movement cannot be performed properly and load the corresponding muscle group.

Helicopter (barbell rowing )

The exercise is also known as lifting a barbell to the chin. This is a very productive basic exercise for the whole shoulder and increasing its weight. To perform correctly, follow these steps:

Stand with your legs slightly apart.

To emphasize the middle shoulder rather than the trapezius, avoid using too tight a lever grip.

Raise the barbell to chest level, moving only in the shoulder and elbow joints.

Pull the lever close to the body, with the elbows out.

Keep your body upright at all times.

Do 4 sets of 12, 10, 8 repetitions.

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