How to do exercises without equipment

Are you on a business trip or on holiday away from home? Don't have your weight training equipment at hand? Do not panic, with these simple exercises without equipment, perform an effective session of fitness and bodybuilding.

Before you start these bodybuilding exercises without equipment, take a few minutes to warm up. You should be slightly out of breath before starting the following.

Distributed shifts

This training is aimed at the whole body and is great for passengers or those who do not have much space or equipment. All you need is something light - a rough phone book, a backpack or even a suitcase and a chair or stool. Some exercises are advanced, so be careful and adjust the training to suit your condition.

How does it works?

Heat the cardio for a few minutes or go up and down the stairs.

Perform each exercise for the suggested time or repetition, repeat each exercise 1-3 times, or perform an exercise in a circuit format Measures

If you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions, talk to your doctor. Modify the exercises to suit your physical condition and goals. Be careful when holding anything other than dumbbells during exercise .

Distributed shiftsOblique shifts

Try another version of your regular pushup by placing one hand in the phonebook (or other object) and the other on the floor. On your knees or toes (and with your body straight), descend into the pushup and push back. Do as much as you can at the suggested time, switching hands halfway.

Reps / Sets / Duration :betwen 30-60 seconds

Change the intensity: Do push-ups on the knees

Stand with your feet around your hips, holding an easily weighed object behind your neck - If you are in a hotel room, you can use a phone book or other weighed object, or if you have no equipment, simply keep your hands straight above your head for more intensity.

 Keeping the abs and knees slightly bent, tip from the hips and lowering the torso until parallel to the floor, keeping the hands in line with the ears. Lift and repeat. Keep your abs up and running. If you have any back problems, skip this step. Reps / Sets / Duration :between 30-60 seconds Change intensity: Do not hold any weight

Sloping shoulders

This is an advanced exercise, so be careful! Place your fingers on a step or stool and your hands on the floor. Lift your body at an angle with your hands directly under your shoulders and the top of your head toward the floor. Bend your elbows and lower body into a pushup. Push back and repeat. This step is displayed on an exercise ball, which is even more advanced, but if you do not have a ball, stool or even a bed.

Reps / Sets / Duration :between 30-60 seconds

Change the intensity: Keep your feet on the floor and your knees bend

Rear Delta flies

Rear Delta flies

Rear delta squadrons

With the legs hipped apart, tipped from the hips until the back is flat and parallel to the floor, the abs is reinforced. Raise your arms straight to your hips to shoulder level with your thumbs facing the ceiling. Lower and repeat. Add lights to the intensity, for example in water bottles. If it hurts your shoulders, skip it!

Reps / Sets / Duration : between30-60 seconds

Intensity change: Hold light loads for more intensity

Triceps Dips

triceps dips


Sit on a bench or stool with your hands resting next to your thighs. Push and get out hips, butt only brushing bench, knees bent. Bend your elbows and lower body down (they stay close to the bench) until your elbows are 90 degrees. Press and repeat. Straighten your legs to a greater intensity. Reps / Sets / Duration :between 30-60 seconds Change intensity: Move your legs on the stool to a greater intensity

Triceps One Armed Pushups

Lying on the left side, hips and knees stored. Close your left hand around your torso so that your left hand is on your right waist. Place your right hand on the floor in front of you, palms parallel to your body. Squeeze the triceps as far as you can and push your body up. Lower and repeat for all repetitions before switching sides.
Triceps One Armed Pushups

Reps / Sets / Duration :between  30-60 seconds

Intensity change: Keep your lower arm on the floor to help you gain more strength

Tiptoe Squats

Tiptoe Squats

With your legs wider than your hips, go down and place your hands on the phone book in front of you. Lift your fingertips. Stay on your toes and fingers, lift your hips towards the ceiling and straighten your knees as much as possible. Squat back down and repeat, staying on tiptoe all the time. Adjust by placing your hand higher (on a chair or bed).

Reps / Sets / Duration : between 30-60 seconds

Change intensity: Keep squats on the weight regularly

Above-ground attacks

Upper lunges

Stand in a divided position with your feet about 3 feet apart. Hold something with the weight (I'm holding dumbbells, but if you don't have the equipment, try the phone book or even a briefcase or backpack) over your head. Bend your knees and run to a height, bringing both knees at 90 degrees, the front knee behind the tip. To maintain overweight, press back and repeat for all reps before switching legs.

Reps / Sets / Duration : between 30-60 seconds on each side

Change intensity: Tighten weights with less intensity, add more for more intensity

Bent over tricks with legs

Bent over tricks with legs

Bend your hands behind your back, the abs is on. Take the left leg out to the side, the toe on the floor and bend the right knee into a squat. Straighten your right foot by lifting your left foot a few inches off the floor. Keep your hip, knee and leg level and towards the front of the room.

Reps / Sets / Duration : between30-60 seconds on each side

Change the intensity: Squat as low as possible, keeping your leg raised at all times.

 oblique transition

oblique transition
Sit with bent legs, back straight, shoulders in front of you. Contract the abs and lock your right hand down and behind in a semicircular motion and lean your torso a few inches. Sit down and repeat the other side.

Reps / Sets / Duration : between30-60 seconds

Change the intensity: Stay higher to reduce the intensity, keep your arms bent.

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