When is the perfect time to run?

Sometimes when we run, we feel relaxing and easily, dynamically, the body obeys us. Other times we feel like we're pulling a carriage with three well-ed passengers behind us, and every next step is like a test. Is that the time of day we run?

If only there was the perfect time to just run out and everything would go like butter, wouldn't it? There are many factors that influence our running performance. Let us therefore summarise the most important facts.

When is the perfect time to run

Morning run benefits

It's a great way to start the day. We will give the body a hearty dose of oxygen, the metabolism will start and it will burn more during the day. A higher proportion of oxygen in the morning makes breathing easier, especially in the summer period, when unpleasant heat can not deter us.


Morning running can be a little harder than in other hours. Immediately after waking up, we may have a problem with stiff joints, muscles are not moved and can also be stiff and inflexible, resulting in limited muscle control and coordination during running.

 Therefore, before the morning run, it is necessarto conduct a special series of exercises aimed at warming the muscles in order to avoid not only unpleasant sensations, but mainly injuries to muscles or joints. Another fact is that our body loses a lot of water during sleep. Therefore, before running, you should take enough fluids. However, some people are bothered by such a loaded stomach while running.

Midday run benefits:

Noon is the best time for high-intensity runs. Our performance potential is highest around lunchtime and our body is not quite tired of all-day activities yet. The energy supply is properly filled (compared to in the morning), physical exertion is less feeled and our body handles training at high speeds more easily. These are ideal conditions for intense training.


Running after lunch can be very challenging. If we go for a run after we eat lunch, it probably won't be the best idea. The body needs some time to digest food (depending on the type and amount of food consumed). If we want to avoid digestive problems and nausea, we should stick to certain principles.

These include in particular:

After a light meal (snack/afternoon snack) wait at least 30 minutes,After more food than lunch, wait with 1.5 to 2 hours,

If running after lunch doesn't do you any good, time it to run in front of it. Although it can be challenging, as energy storage is not ideally replenished before lunch.

When is the perfect time to run
When is the perfect time to run

Evening run benefits:

An evening run is a great way to relax and let all-day problems out of your head. Are you stressed out of a hectic workday at the end of the day and have trouble "shutting down"? A simple endurance run can help you relax. Since the body is still in active mode, you do not need to specially warm up, just like in the morning. In addition, the evening run will multiply the night fat burning.


An evening run can cause problems falling asleep. If you take a high-intensity run in the evening, which causes energy to start in the body, you may find it harder to fall asleep.

When am I supposed to run?

Regardless of the time of day you run, it will always have its advantages and disadvantages. When planning a run, it is important to keep in mind your training goals. Do you want to lose weight, run as far as possible or reduce stress?

If you're interested in maintaining fitness,you can train basically at any time of the day. It is important to get really hot before running. If you want to improve your performance, midday runs are more ideal for intense interval workouts. Conversely, trainings for relaxing, shutting down the mind, is ideal to include in the evening. 

In general, however, the best time to run is how you feel yourself. Factors such as daily schedule, sleep, work, leisure activities, family or mealtime also have a big impact on performance. Try running at different hours, and test yourself when you're doing your best. The important thing is not to be afraid and to start.

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