Bodybuilding program for buttocks volume

Our coaches offer two ideal routines for strengthening the glutes. Of course, it is not enough to work the buttocks , you must also eat well and put all the chances on your side to redesign them, shape them and get rid of the superfluous with the right advice and the right exercises for the buttocks.

It is the combination of polyarticular and monoarticular exercises that guarantee the good work of the gluteal muscles . These indoor workouts alternate machines, bodyweight exercises and exercises with dumbbells or loaded bars. This is why this indoor volume gluteus muscle building program is effective.

Buttocks program

Elliptical : Warm-up for a good preparation of the thighs and buttocks:

Place your feet on the pedals with your torso tilted slightly forward. The hands are placed on the movable arms and the shoulders are low. The legs perform a wide and regular movement back and forth without ever stretching the knees.

Squat : Polyarticular movement, the squat strongly solicits the glutes provided it is carried out in full amplitude.

With your feet hip-width apart, place the bar behind your shoulders. Keeping your head in line with your back, descend so that your thighs are horizontal. Then, go up without stretching the legs completely.

4 sets of 15 reps

Bar squat

NB  : The "full squat" which brings the pelvis below the knees is very effective for the work of the glutes but the constraints on the knees and the lower back are important.

Hip trust : This monoarticular exercise mainly mobilizes the hip joint and is very effective for deep work of the glutes.  

The back is flat on the ground and the hands stabilize the bust. Lift the pelvis so that your knees and shoulders are on the same line. Then, go back down without placing your buttocks on the ground.

4 sets of 15 reps

Front lunges: This exercise works the legs alternately and therefore the work of the glutes is increased. Performed dynamically, they are a "must" for building the buttocks.

Standing, the bar is placed slightly behind the shoulders and the feet are hip-width apart. Keeping the torso straight, perform the lunge so that the rear knee is closer to the ground. Then, go up by pushing on the heel and alternate left and right legs.

4 sets of 20 reps

NB  : In order to limit the stress on the knees, it is preferable to maintain an angle of 90 ° between the thigh and the calf.

Kick back: By separately requesting the activity of the glutes, it is possible to obtain a deeper targeted work.

With your torso upright, standing facing the pulley, place the cable at ankle level. Keeping the pelvis fixed, pull the straight leg back without bending the knee. Then, return to the level of the support foot without releasing the tension on the cable. Alternate left and right leg. 

4 x 2 sets of 15 reps

Session 2

Step master  : Warm-up for a good preparation of the thighs and buttocks.

Place your feet on the pedals with your torso tilted slightly forward. The hands stabilize the body using the handles. The legs perform a wide movement up and down without ever straining the knees.


Hack squat : This exercise variant of the classic squat allows to target more the glutes thanks to its base which favors the placement of the feet higher.

Place your feet on the top of the board hip-width apart. The back is flat on the carriage and the head is supported. Then, descend keeping the knees in line with the feet. Then, go up without completely stretching the legs. 

4 sets of 15 reps

Hack squat

Deadlift : This movement must be carried out with great rigor and the right technique in order to target the glutes and gluteus medius.

The feet are placed hip-width apart. With a bar or dumbbells in your hands, lean your chest forward, along the thighs with your hands. Once the bar has passed under the knees, return to the starting position.

4 sets of 15 reps


NB  : To target the glutes properly, you should barely bend your knees and keep your back flat and covered.

Back lunges : As effective as forward lunges, performing back lunges works the glutes less dynamically but in a static and deep fashion. It can be likened to the squat on one leg (pistol squat)

In a standing position, alternately release one leg then the other backwards. The ascent is mainly done by pushing on the front leg with the heel on the ground. The arms can be active to maintain balance.

4 sets of 20 reps

Back slits

Kick up: This exercise targets the glutes by extending the leg backwards.

Hands and knees are on the floor. In the starting position, the thighs and arms are parallel. Keeping your back flat, straighten one leg up and back without hollowing out the back. Return to the initial position without placing the knee on the ground.

4 x 2 sets of 15 reps

Bodybuilding program for buttocks volume


The glutes are powerful muscles that require a specific routine to achieve the desired volume and shape . We must not spare our efforts and use heavy loads to obtain the intensity necessary for development. The combination of monoarticular and polyarticular exercises promotes the complete work of the 3 bundles that make up the gluteal muscles.

 Like all muscle groups, to get a good result, you need high intensity sessions but also rest . Working them in excess does not allow good recovery and therefore little or no development. Two indoor sessions dedicated to the glutes each week are sufficient. These glute strengthening exercises like squats and lunges should ideally be accompanied by weight loss for optimal results

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