Revolutionary foot exercises for fat burning!

According to the University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston, daily exercise can be more useful than going to the gym once a week. And we found the perfect workout for you: it doesn't require special equipment – just a bottle of water – and it only lasts 15 minutes. 

The results will shock you. We love discovering new exercises for a beautiful and healthy body and that's why we share them with you. This super simple workout is exactly what you need to achieve the perfect thigh shape.
Revolutionary foot exercises for fat burning

Exercising with a bottle may seem too easy – who can't hold a bottle between their legs? In addition to activating the internal and external muscles of the thigh, abdominal muscles and the lower back, the fat layers are lost and also the swelling decreases, all leg muscles are stretched and the whole body is toned.


You have to take the bottle (the larger the diameter, the better), put it high between the legs – right under the crotch.

Stand your feet parallel and as close to each other as possible.

Squeeze the bottle with the help of internal thighs.

Then add the movements of the pelvis – pull the deep abdominal muscles and move the back from the normal position to the rounded position and back, pulling the pelvis forward (as shown in the figure above).

Perform all movements slowly and gradually, without unnecessary intensity and without straining your knees.


It is important to do this exercise on all 3 levels – from the simplest, gradually, to the most difficult. The lower the bottle, the harder it is to keep it.

1. The bottle is high in the crotch area, squeezed between the thighs.

2. The bottle is placed in the middle side between the crotch and the knees, squeezed between the thighs.

3. The bottle is placed between the knees.

With this exercise, it is necessary for the bottle to feel the work of the muscles. When you can control these muscles over time, you won't need the help of a bottle, so you can do the exercise anywhere, anytime – for example, when you're standing in line!


In addition to apparently strengthening muscles and reducing body fat, the bottle activates pelvic floor exercise, relieves back pain and tries to eliminate women's health problems (such as urinary sphincter weakness, uterine progression and other problems). It also significantly strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, which improves the activity of the colon.

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