5 benefits for which you should not miss foot training

Legs, thighs, buttocks, problematic parts of many of us, but many people train with disichild. Before you decide to train another part of your body again, or you prefer to "trample" your workout on a treadmill, see how many benefits leg training brings with it.

5 benefits for which you should not miss foot training

Many foot exercises are more complex, that is, other muscle groups are involved in the process during their implementation. For example, a quadruple thigh muscle, posterior thigh muscle, butt muscles, inner and outer thighs are also involved in squatting. In addition, lower body exercises increase the heart rate and thus have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Intense strength training of the legs can be with a great"time saver"as you can basically "kill two flies with one blow".

1. Cardio + abdomen

2. Better running

Proper foot training will not only help you with strengthening your back or abdominal muscles, but will also providestability that you will appreciate in your running form. A strong lower body will also help you with other sports such as swimming and cycling.

3. Weight loss

 the largest muscle group in the body are leg muscles so The more you train them, the more energy they need to move them. This means that, apart from the activity you do, whether it's regular walking or intense training, your feet will burn more calories as you move. Plus, it's not just the stronger muscles themselves that can help burn more energy, but also the training itself. Like most strength trainings, foot training brings with it training combustion. This means that the body has increased burning even a few hours after exercise.

4. Prevention of back pain

Did you know that back pain is often associated with weak muscles responsible for stabilization (abdominal, back) muscles? You have probably heard that in order to avoid back pain, you should strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and back. However, it is a little more complicated. Through specially focused exercises on butt muscles, quadruple leg muscles or hamstrings, you can achieve a successful reduction in the risk of pain in the cross region.

However, what is really important is the way you perform them. If you do the exercises incorrectly, you can increase the risk of pain. So be careful- and if you're not sure about the drills, he'd rather get in touch with the coach who will be watching you and advise exactly what mistakes to avoid.

5. Sexy look

In addition to health benefits, foot training has its aesthetic significance. The elaborate upper part of the body and weak legs act comically. In a worse case, it can also manifest itself in health complications. Symmetrical, firm legs should be everyone's goal, not only to help us with good health, but also to the opposite sex.

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