Grip strength: how to increase it and why?

 Special exercises and devices to increase grip strength and create powerful forearms. All about the importance of training the muscles of the hand.

The importance of strong hands

When performing basic exercises at the bar or with dumbbells, the ability to work with large weights depends largely on the "strength of the hands": more precisely, the strength of the wrist and fingers. Muscles of the forearm, wrist and hand that are too weak do not allow to retain a considerable weight.

The most important exercises that require high grip strength are the deadlift and rowing bar. The development of wrists is important for tractions, bench press and curl at the bar. The muscles of the forearm and the fingers too weak will simply not be able to perform the movement well.

Grip strength and how to increase it and why

Forearm training

The main exercises to work the forearms are wrist extensions to the bar. Stand, take a light bar; bend your elbows so that your forearms are parallel to the ground; lift and lower the bar through the movement of the hands.

Alternate the performance of the exercise with the pronation and supination (in one case the palm is oriented downwards, in the other – upwards). The recommended number of repetitions is from 12 to 15. Performing the variation on a bench to support the forearms is a simplified version.

Devices for increasing grip strength

Currently, there are a large number of devices and devices for training the muscles of the forearm and hand at home (extensors and gyroscopes), and additional elements used during force training (adapters to increase the diameter of the bar).

The muscles of the forearm and hand are considered the most complex and consist of dozens of small muscle groups. The use of the devices therefore has certain advantages, since the wrist, forearm and hand are trained in a different way.

Accessories for working wrists

In fact, flues are a safe variant of exercise like wrist extensions to the bar that allow you to train the same muscles. The main advantage is that grippers can be used outside the gym.

There are many variations of devices of this type: hard rubber rings for tightening, grippers or muscles for each hand (two handles connected by a spring), and extensors for the simultaneous training of both hands. In addition, the Powerball gyroscope consisting of a rotating rotor is very popular.

Gyroscope Powerball

According to studies conducted in 2008 by doctor and physiologist Sebastian Axel, constant training for four weeks with the gyroscope significantly increases the strength of the muscles of the forearm and improves the reflections of the wrist.

The Powerball is also used by physiotherapists as a rehabilitation therapy tool for arthritis and various hand injuries. In addition, this device is important for the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome: occupational disease of office workers.

Fat Gripz Adapters

Fat Gripz are special adapters that are used to increase the diameter of the bar. In turn, working with a larger diameter bar when performing exercises such as pull-ups, bench press and curl at the bar significantly increases the involvement of the hand and forearm muscles.

Athletes who train with Fat Gripz adapters attest not only to the increase in grip strength and muscle growth of the forearms, but also to the more accurate understanding of the techniques and mechanics of movement. Another indirect benefit is the increase in weight raised in basic exercises.

Wrist Roller (Anrieu Coil)

The principle of operation of Wrist Roller is to embobier the rope with extra weight on a special handle 40-50 cm long and 2-3 cm in diameter. The main advantage of this device is the ability to do it at home.

The Wrist Roller device has been designed for training and developing the muscles of the forearms responsible for rotating the hand. There are no direct analogues of this movement, however, the closest exercise is wrist extensions to the bar.

The use of exercises, special devices and adapters for the bar in order to increase grip strength allows not only to develop the muscles of the forearm and hand, but also to increase the value of muscle power in basic exercises, pull-ups and curl at the bar.

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