6 exercises to tone the arms!

they are many way to tone arms ,but most them do not good at short time in today lesson we are going to show you some different tips in which you could make a goo progress if you put them into your daily training routine.

1 – The tense jump

Strains glutes, legs, shoulders and back

Start with your feet joined, arms extended to the side and palms facing the hips. Bend your legs, as if to sit down, and raise your arms. Then bring the arms back on each side (and slightly back) and jump on the spot. As you fall back, find your starting position. (In case of difficulty, dispense with the jump. Just sit back and get up quickly).

6 exercises to tone the arms!

2 – The dropped pump

Solicits the chest, arms, shoulders and heart

In the pump position, knees on the ground and shoulders vertically from the wrists. Bend the elbows, then push energetically on the floor to take off the upper body. Immediately return to the initial position. (Too difficult? Just do kneeling pumps.)

3 – The pom pom girl

Solicits the legs, glutes and heart.

Feet joined, arms extended to the side and palms facing the hips. Jump by slamming your hands above the head,while spreading the legs in a "V". Return to the ground in the starting position.

4 – Greeting

Solicits the glutes, legs, back and biceps.

A dumbbell in each hand, feet joined, arms outstretched on each side, palms facing the hips. Keeping your back straight and weights close to the body, bend down from the hips. Then straighten up, bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells against the shoulders. Release your arms to return to the starting position.

5 – The squat jump

Solicits the glutes, legs and back.

Feet wide apart, the tips facing outwards. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, arms hanging in front of you, palms facing you. Then bend the knees,then jump by spreading the elbows on each side to bring the weights back to the chest, the forearms being well parallel to the ground. Fall back into the starting position.

6 – The superwoman

To make the back and chest work.

Face down, legs extended back and slightly apart. Take a dumbbell with both hands and hold it in front of your head, arms outstretched and palms face-to-face. Lift the arms, chest and legs. Pass the dumbbell in the right hand and bring both arms behind the back. Then transfer the dumbbell into the left hand. Finally bring back both arms in front of your head, to regain the weight again in the right hand. Continue like this, resting as needed the chest and legs on the ground between two exercise

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