4 exercises to strengthen legs

Toning of buttocks, thighs and legs in general tends to be one of the big concerns among women. For that reason there is a wide variety of exercises and routines designed to achieve a better appearance and health in your lower muscles. In today's post we will explore which are the most effective exercises for legs, and other tips and recommendations to tone, improve health and overall appearance of the lower muscles.
4 exercises to STRENGTHEN THE LEGS

4 exercises to practice


The undisputed stars when it comes to working the legs. This is one of the exercises that is called 'basic' or 'multiarticular'. It is a fundamental exercise of any leg work routine due to its mechanics and its volume of work for the quadriceps area. Unless we have an injury that prevents us from performing properly, squats cannot be out of the routine. This exercise also helps stabilize the abdominal and back muscles, working the core to achieve a balanced body.

The traditional bard squat is performed with the weight of the bar falling on the back, behind the head. There is also a variant where it falls ahead, and the sumo variable where we modify the position of feet and knees to maintain the weight in a more balanced way.

4 exercises to STRENGTHEN THE LEGS
4 exercises to STRENGTHEN THE LEGS


Another very common exercise when working the lower train is that of strides. They can be performed without any extra weight, an excellent advantage for those looking for exercises to do at home. Performing dumbbell strides in one hand adds a component of instability that also helps to work everything related to balance and the core of physical stability.

Quadriceps Extensions

Quadriceps extensions have two fundamental objectives in the exercise of the lower train. They help the previous strength gain for people who have never done sports, and fulfill a rehabilitation effect in cases of injuries. They help in the recovery of the strength of the legs without forcing the knees with extra weights as in the case of squats.

Quadriceps extensions are machine exercises, movement is fully guided and the instability of working with free weights is eliminated. This also helps to greater protection of our joints. Another advantage of quadriceps extensions is that the weight is more adjustable than in the case of squats.

4 exercises to STRENGTHEN THE LEGS

Buttock bridge

A final recommendation of exercises to train, strengthen and tone the muscles of the legs is the buttock bridge. It is performed lying on the floor with the legs flexed and the soles of the feet resting on the ground. We perform a hip lift to the maximum possible and contraction of buttocks at the point of greatest height.

These exercises, easy to do, are designed to work hard the lower body and improve the muscles of legs and buttocks. Now there is no excuse for not strengthening the legs and improving our posture and overall work in the lower body area through easy and quick exercises.

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