5-day exercise routine to STAY IN SHAPE

Today we are going to share with you 5-day exercise routine to stay in shape for Getting fit and getting an effective workout requires patience and care in the type of exercises routine and activities performed. That is why today we have decided to mark an exercise routine that covers 5 days and will help you get a fit body. The type of routine we analyze requires gym machines and tools and is designed to be performed on a regular basis.

5-day exercise routine to STAY IN SHAPE
5-day exercise routine to STAY IN SHAPE

Day 1. Work in pectorals and abdominals

We started the routine with a first day of work on the abdominals and pectorals. First we'll do bench press. Lying on a bench, with their feet well planted on the ground and making force with their heels. The exercise requires us to arch our backs, key our shoulders against the bench and squeeze towards the center.

When raising the bar, the shoulders should be kept glued to the body and the bar should draw an arch. The routine also includes press with inclined dumbbells,declined press with dumbbells and openings on inclined bench. This type of exercise has a direct effect on the development of the pectoral and abdominal area and corresponds to our first day of exercise in the gym.

Day 2. back

In this part of the routine we will perform different exercises: dominated, deadlift, rowing with dumbbells, rowing with machine bar and hyperextensions. This last exercise is very important, and is done by lying face down on the ground, raising the trunk so that it only touches the ground and raising both arms and legs while tightening the ground hard with the abdomen. You have to maintain this position for a few seconds and make a controlled descent so that the effect of the exercise is positive.

Day 3. Shoulders and abs

On the third day of our routine we will do a series of exercises that will allow us to work on the shoulders and abdominal area. The exercises on this day will include press with dumbbells, side elevations with dumbbells and bar to the chin. 

In this last exercise, the key is to do it standing, with the bar in prone grip and the hands separated by the width of the shoulders. Keep the torso upright and arms outstretched while pulling the bar while arms are at ear height and elbows pointing sideways.

Day 4. legs

Many people do not accompany their routines with good leg work,but it is a big mistake. You have to take great care of the work on the undercarriach to achieve a balanced physical condition. Exercises for our leg routine will include squats, leg presses, leg extensions and foot heel lifts.

Day 5. Arms and abs

We finished our routine with a fifth day of work focused on arms and abs. We will make bottoms, curl with straight bar and closed press. In this way we will be facing a routine complete enough for a suitable physical state. 

Of course, it is important to maintain constancy and accompany the physical work with good nutrition, so that we have the necessary nutrients, no more, no less. In the next post we will focus our attention on some eating tips for this type of routines, seeking to get the necessary amount of nutrients for a good performance in training.

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