5 exercises to have a flat stomach

Sometimes it's hard to start in the morning. We therefore rely on the snooze function of our awakening. So we leave home hyper late forgetting sports bag, lunch in the fridge, ignoring its good resolutions. So tomorrow, dedicate a few minutes to these simple tricks that will ensure you a beautiful day.so what is the best way to have a flat stomach?

exercises to have a flat stomach

1- Drink water

Attack in the morning with a glass of water. This is the best way to refuel the fluids eliminated in the night. You can add a little squeezed lemon if the heart tells you. Your body will say thank you.

2- Stretch yourself

Stretching for a few minutes will help the blood flow better and regulate your blood pressure. A few slow movements are enough to boost you almost automatically. In addition, is easier to stretch in the morning, when you are not in pain anywhere and you are relaxed.

3- Have a nutrient-rich breakfast

The ideal would be to swallow a few fruits or vegetables rich in vitamins. And if you hardly ever eat it, opt for multi-vitamin juices to fill the voids of your usual diet. And in order not to miss this point, put the odds on your side by having prepared breakfast the day before!

4- A little greenery

In the morning, the metabolism is in slow motion, so it is good to give it a boost. And this is possible with green leafy plants. Combined with proteins (in shake for example), they are a source of anti-oxidant nutrients. There are also many drinks prepared if you do not have time to make your potion at home.

5- Don't look at your phone when you jump out of bed

Or worse, when you're still in bed. According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, people who read even 3 minutes of negative information when they wake up have worse days than others.

6- Plan your sports sessions before bedtime

It would seem that the simple fact of planning your sports sessions in advance makes it easier to stick to them. There's nothing worse than saying "I'll go to the room after work" at 2pm the same day. This is the best way to ensure a last-minute excuse not to go.

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