Exercises for the house that improve your abs

The search for a flat belly is always on the lips of people who play sports or are thinking of starting to exercise. It is about achieving a  healthy appearance from a flat belly, and no more difficulties that arise, the truth is that there are numerous homemade proposals to exercise and get our belly to have that plan shape that we love to wear on the beach.

Exercises for the house that IMPROVE YOUR ABS

tips to improve your abs

1. Abs lying on the floor

This is the classic way to exercise the abs. You should lie on something soft to avoid injury. Rest your back on the floor, flex your legs and place your feet on the floor, fully supported. The correct way to do this exercise is by climbing the trunk making strength with the abdominal muscles. Lean towards the ceiling between 15 and 20 centimeters while resting your hands behind your head. The most effective thing is to do two sets of 15 repetitions.

2. Stretched leg lift

Achieving a flat belly with series of exercises is essential, so working the area of the lower abs should become a habit. The correct performance of this exercise consists of lying on the floor, with the palms of the hands attached to the floor and at the height of the buttocks. We're going to slowly lift our legs, stretched out, until our sole is pointing directly at the ceiling. We keep there for a few seconds and go back down to the ground, leaving them at 10 centimeters. We will do two sets of 15 repetitions to strengthen the abdominal area in a practical way.

3. Pelvis lift

The pelvic lift exercise allows you to work the buttocks, back muscles and abdominals in a simple way. Many people already know how this exercise is performed, because it is one of the most widespread for the work of the abdominal area.

We're going to lie on the floor with our knees bent and our feet resting, looking at the ceiling. You have to relax your arms on both sides and we will raise the pelvis towards the ceiling so that the lower back is separated a few centimeters from the floor, but the upper part has to be attached to the floor. 

You have to perform two sets of 20 movements and work the gluteal muscle when climbing. When descending you do not have to touch the ground, but we must leave it a few centimeters before climbing again.

Exercises for the house that  improve your abs

4. Lift with flexed legs

Our last recommendation of exercises to achieve a flat belly involves lifting legs, but in this case, flexed. Lying on the floor, looking at the ceiling and with arms stretched out. We will simultaneously climb the stretched trunk and legs, bending the knees. When going down we do not have to support the body, we will leave the feet 10 centimeters from the ground and the back to about 15. We go back up and do two sets of 10.

These proposals are easy exercises to do at home, designed to slowly achieve a good figure and achieve a flat belly. Remember that perseverance is key to achieving a good physical condition.

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