Exercises to strengthen abs at home

If you want to have your abdomen marked without needing to go to a gym, then these chaired abs exercises are what you were looking for. How to achieve the flat abdomen of advertising with exercises that you can do in your own home? Follow the advice in this post and you will be training your body correctly.

Exercises to strengthen abs at home

1. Bring your knees to your body

Ideal for those people who work a long time sitting in the office. The exercise consists of bringing the knees to the chest and thus training the muscles of the abdomen. It is also an exercise that helps to burn fats and in the digestion process in general.

How is it done?

1. Sitting in a chair, with a straight back but without supporting the backrest.
2. We place our feet in front of us, at the hip.
3. With the back straight, we lift the right knee and carry it to the chest. We put the abdomen inwards when doing so.
4. Place our hands on the leg to stretch the lower abdomen correctly.
5. We repeat between 20 and 30 times alternating the knees.

2. Simultaneous knee lift

This is one of the best exercises for abs in the office, as it exercises all the muscles at once. To do this we have to join the legs, support the back in the chair, and with the back straight we raise the knees to the chest. We have to keep the tension in the muscles of the abdomen while we do it. When returning to the starting position, let the feet not touch the ground. We repeat between 10 and 20 times.

3. Knee lift with tilt

Similar to the previous exercise, this includes extra strain to the muscles due to tilt. It is a very practical exercise to fortify the abdomen in the office,using only a chair. How is it done?

Sitting on the edge of a chair we keep our backs straight and lean on the chair with our hands. Tilt the body to one side by resting the weight on a buttock. We join the legs towards the chest as in the previous exercise, and when returning to the initial position we do the same but towards the other side. Repetitions should be between 10 and 20 for better performance.

4. Strengthen oblique abdominals

This exercise, which will also help you to have a more marked abdomen and can be done in the office and with the help only of a chair, consists of supporting the weight of the body on one leg and lifting the other.

1. We stand behind a chair and rest the left hand on the backrest.
2. Raise the right arm above the head.
3. Slowly lower the arm and at the same time raise the right leg so that the hand touches the heel.
4. We return to the starting position, repeat 15 times.
5. Leg change and 10 repetitions. 4 sets of 15 are recommended.

With these four exercises, achieving a marked abdomen and losing weight will no longer be a problem even if we can't make time to go to the gym. From the office or home, easy and fast. Start working on your exercise routines for a healthier life.

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