Joint mobility, what it is and how to exercise the joints

joint mobility is very important part of our body , this is why we shouldn't put it aside without talking about it in details, our readers used to read our articles and not to leave without any new important information to light your road and improve your self , so lets dig in !

what is joint mobility and its roles  

Joints, such as gears that communicate parts and functions, are responsible for the proper functioning of the body. The movement that is performed with the joints in the warm-up phase or muscle preparation exercises and so that the joints do not suffer injuries, is known as joint mobility. The body points on which to exercise are mainly neck, ankles, hips and shoulders.

Joint mobility, what it is and how to exercise the joints

This mobility of the joints should not produce pain and should be coupled with muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. It is very important to improve the ability to move the joint to enjoy good physical health. In addition, joint mobility exercises, such as stretching, are essential to ensure the complete preparation of body tissues for physical exertion. 

During the initial phase of any physical activity it is essential to perform a previous warm-up that is formed by a set of exercises whose purpose is to prepare the body to face the greater physiological demand that the main phase of the activity to be performed requires.

Joint mobility is important to work both before and after each training session. Next, we propose a routine of static mobility exercises that will help you work your joints

Archer squats

Standing and with our legs in the shape of a V we flex one knee at a time, lowering the body to the side of the knee that flexes. The hands may be placed on the head or at the waist. Repeat 15 times.

Roll Down

This exercise also known as Curl Jefferson is one of the most practiced in Pilates. Standing (standing position) and with the arms stretched down you see the spine flexing little by little so that you notice how each vertebra is placed until you reach the flexion of the hip. Repeat this movement gently and carefully 15 times.

Circle with shoulders

Here we stand face down, extending the body and feet. It is about describing circles with our arms stretched out and without touching the ground. Take them from the direction of the head, in a position to clap your hands, to your hips, and even to the lower back, and spinning your shoulders when describing the circle. With this exercise the entire musculature is activated: back, legs and arms in motion.

The cat and the table

Felines are the animals that work their joints best. If you've ever looked at a cat's stretches you'll see how its entire body is involved in them. For this reason, we propose this simple exercise, but very useful to exercise the spine, vertebra to vertebra. Stand on all fours with your knees resting on the ground. Gently, bring your head closer to your chest while raising your torso and raising your hip. Return to the starting position, bringing your head to the front and lowering your chest. Repeat 15 times.

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