How to get the most out of your dumbbells?

Weight and dumbbell training has numerous benefits for our top train. Thanks to the multiple alternatives in toning and bodybuilding routines we can obtain the maximum performance when training our arms, and in this post we will analyze some of the recommendations to train correctly. 

It is not just about the exercise itself, but also about the materials. As for example these perpetual weights,which have an adjustable format and the possibility to give variety to our routines. Take note of the following tips and advice for training with dumbbells and get the best results.

How to get the most out of your dumbbells?

1. Eliminate fats

One of the benefits of dumbbell training,backed up because numerous studies confirm it,is the elimination of body fat. By performing high-density routines with weights and dumbbells we can burn many calories, and there are also positive effects on speeding up metabolism. The result is the activation of the body so that it continues to burn calories even in the 24 hours after exercise.

2. Strengthening of the upper extremities

Weights and dumbbells are a great training implement that aims to strengthen our arms and the upper train as a whole.

3. Increased cardiovascular health

When performing strength workouts, our cardiovascular system improves significantly. Exercises, combined with aerobic routines, can have very positive effects on the body. It's not just about getting stronger arms and a more marked torso, but about improving the performance of our heart and cardiovascular system as a whole.

Effective dumbbell exercises

Triceps with dumbbells. Let's take a dumbbell with both hands and put it behind our head. This exercise is done standing, and with the legs slightly open. We stretch our arms, always behind the head, and start to go up and down slowly. You can do it with one arm first and then with another, or with both at the same time.

How to get the most out of your dumbbells

The biceps with dumbbells. Also standing, we take a dumbbell in each hand and raise until we flex the elbow. It can be done with both arms at the same time or separately. The strength has to come from the biceps and not the trunk to properly exercise the area.

Opening on bench with dumbbells. Lying on a bench, with our feet on the floor or on the bench, we took the dumbbells with the palms of our hands looking at each other. The objective is to raise the dumbbells stretching the arms to the maximum, and when we go down we will open them until they reach the height of the shoulders.

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