How to properly make your abs

nice looking abc  is far too ingrained in people's minds to try to dislodge it. And yet, despite this prejudice, most people hurt their abs. In the best case, they are almost ineffective. At worst, they can seriously damage their backs. And bring out the belly anyway.

How to properly make your abs

What not to forget when doing abdominals

  • Making abs does not necessarily give a flat stomach. When you make an effort, the muscles draw from the resources of the whole organism, and not only from the fats nearby. We will have to find something else to make disappear the adipose surpluses that have an unfortunate tendency to come and lodge in this part of the body.
  • On the other hand, the exercises will help you to obtain a more pleasant figure and will greatly relieve your back: the abdominal belt intervenes in almost all of our movements. It is she who bears our own weight. Physiotherapists keep repeating that many of the back problems are due to deficient abs.
  • If you're running, there's no need to explain how enhanced abs improve your performance. And, if you want to lose your stomach, exercise may not be enough, but it will in any case be very useful to you.

What not to do

In order not to damage your back, avoid reproducing this exercise that is both useless and dangerous, the one that jumps in mind as soon as we think of "abs": lie down, legs stretched glued to the ground, block the feet under a piece of furniture and straighten as quickly and as often as possible...

Why shouldn't we do that?

If the angle between the thighs and the back exceeds 90 °, the lumbar naturally deepen and the repetition of the movement is disastrous for the back.

The abdominals can only strengthen effectively if the contraction is maintained for a certain time: making as many movements and as quickly as possible is much less effective.

This explains why people who make "at least 50 abs a day" can get less results than a person who is content with 10 repetitions held for 10s...

The three points to avoid

  • Arched back: you would hurt your back and you would only work your iliac psoas, not your abs.
  • The wrong position: whatever it is, it is bad for your body and destroys your efforts.
  • The fact of shooting on the head with the arms: it is the belly that must be worked, not the arms!

The basic posture: Lifting of the simple bust, feet flat

This is the posture to know. All other exercises are only variations of this principle.

The position

Lie on your back. Feel free to use a floor mat. Lay your feet flat on the floor. Check that your back is properly plated on the ground. Place your hands behind the neck.

The movement

  • Contract the abdominals so that your lumbar spines are on the ground. The contraction will make the head and shoulders rise a few centimeters.
  • Hold the position for at least 6 s before releasing.
  • Make sure your lumbar spines are properly plated on the ground.
  • Partially and slowly straighten up by sliding your hands forward, about a length of hand.
  • Only the head and shoulders need to take off from the ground. The neck must remain straight!

What not to do

  • Don't jealt by arching yourself
  • Do not pull on the neck or head with your hands

If you experience pain in the lower back during exercise, be sure to tuck your stomach in to put the lumbar on the ground. If the pain persists, consult a physiotherapist or doctor.

Same posture, leg at 90 ° (recommended if you have trouble keeping the lumbar plated on the ground)

The position

Resume the basic posture, hands placed on the ground along the body, but this time by raising the legs to 90 °.

Hold the position for at least 6 s before releasing.

The movement

Contract the abdominals to put the lumbar on the ground and cause the head and shoulders to straighten. Try to touch the knees with the elbows.

If you have difficulty during your first abs to keep the lumbar plated on the ground, this exercise will help you.

Make the oblique abdominals work, feet on the ground

To make the lateral muscles work, it is enough to slightly modify the exercise.

The position

Still in the basic posture, put the right foot flat on the ground and put the left foot on the right knee. Right hand behind the neck and left hand plated on the ground.

The movement

Contract the abdominals to put the lumbar on the ground and cause the head and shoulders to straighten. With a slight rotation, bring the right elbow to the left knee. And as my teacher from Krav Maga would say, guess what, you have 2 knees! The exercise must obviously be done on the other side!

Once you manage to perform 15 consecutive repetitions easily for the three exercises, you can switch to variants or increase the number of repetitions.

Changes in the year

1) Repeat the exercise, this time keeping the arms above the head, palms of the hands stretched upwards. The arms should not touch the ground.

Start with 5 repetitions. Each time, hold the position for six seconds. Then gradually increase until you achieve fifteen without problems.

2) For the last step, you need two weights of 500G. Resume the basic posture, arms along the body.

Take your forearms off the ground so as to create a 90° angle with your elbows, hands up and a weight in each hand. Do 5 repetitions of the exercise. As always, six seconds of holding the position.

As for previous exercises, gradually increase the number of repetitions until you can line up about fifteen without any worries.

Don't forget

Don't forget to maintain the six-second position: It's tempting to just do as many repetitions as possible as quickly as possible by zapping the six seconds of holding. Because we are in a hurry, because it gives the impression of having spent well or because we find it "more classy". But it's still a bad idea if you really want to strengthen your muscles...

You must alternate the two: for example, do 10 repetitions while holding the last repetition for 10s.

Remember to take breaks in your schedule: 5 days of abs', 2 days of break for example. Rest is essential for muscle development. The best results appear when you combine effective exercises with adapted rest periods.

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