How to properly stretch the muscles after a workout

Stretching the muscles after each exercise is essential for the correct completion of them. Not only can it help prevent possible injuries but they also prepare the muscles for the cessation of activities and bring them to rest. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about stretching exercises and how to perform them in the best way.

How to properly stretch the muscles after a workout

Do you have to stretch before or after training? the answer is definitely after. We say later because when we talk about stretching we usually think of the static and that we must always do at the end. However, a good pre-warm-up plan is essential to avoid injury. That should not be missed.

Leg and biceps femoral stretching

Sit on the floor and stretch your right leg. Bend the left leg so that the sole of the foot touches the inside of the right thigh. He carries his torso forward by stretching his right arm. The idea is that you can touch your toe with your hand. Rest your left hand on your left knee. Hold this posture for a few seconds and switch sides. Then, stretch both legs and carry your arms forward touching your feet, or at least your ankles.

Another option is to open the legs as much as possible and flex the torso forward, with the arms fully stretched.

Stretching of buttocks and thighs

Also lying down, bend your knees and take them to chest height by pressing lightly. Rest one of your feet on the ground and press your knee "elevated" towards you. Change legs. Then, flex your right leg and rest your ankle on your left thigh, as shown in the image above. With your hands, press in such a way that both legs are as close as possible to the torso.

How to properly stretch the muscles after a workout

Cross stretches

Lie on your back with your legs stretched out. Cross the right leg above the left taking off the lumbar from the ground. Stretch your right arm so that the twist allows you to stretch all the muscles. Hold the position for as seconds as you can and repeat on the other side.

Back stretch

Place yourself face down on the mat,with your legs stretched out. Support the palms of your hands and stretch your arms to bring your torso up. If you can, move your head slightly back.

Neck lift

Stretching the cervical area is advisable when lifting weights,for example, as it is a region of the body that can contracture when training. Standing or sitting, she holds her head down—her chin touching her chest—and exerts pressure using both hands. Complete with stretches to the sides.

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