How to stay in shape without going to the gym

Getting the body we're looking for doesn't necessarily mean having to go to the gym. Nowadays, thanks to training and physical health professionals such as personal trainer 24,you can find a personal trainer who follows your training routine and designs the best plan according to your goals. 
Best of all, there is a wide variety of exercises to do at home, and with the guidance of a personal trainer you get the optimal benefit by properly doing each routine to get the most out of your time. No matter if you're looking to burn calories or gain muscle mass,there are exercises for all sorts of goals, and today we offer you a look at some of them.

Exercises to strengthen the buttocks

With the aim of lifting your buttocks and having a better worked figure,there are some exercises that you can easily perform at home and that do not require you to use the complex machines of a gym. You can do pelvis lifting routines, squats, kicks or leg lifts with dumbbell, for example.

All these exercises, together with the accompaniment of a personal trainer who tells us exactly how to perform each exercise properly, offer as a result a remarkable muscle strengthening.

How to stay in shape without going to the gym
How to stay in shape without going to the gym

Weight loss exercises

Another very common goal among those who want to exercise at home is to get in shape and lose weight. This type of physical activity is the most consulted, but also the one that requires greater patience and a correct realization. To lower the belly you can do stride routines with jump, burpees, the classic abs, jumping jacks or squats with jumps.

Of course, you need perseverance and patience. The loss of calories requires realization on a regular basis,so the help of a personal trainer, not only to help us do the exercises correctly, but to always keep the spirits up so as not to give up. The mood part is very important to always keep high the will to continue looking for a desired body.

How to stay in shape without going to the gym
How to stay in shape without going to the gym

Exercises for greater flexibility

There are people who start doing physical exercise at home because they feel the body grip, hard, unable to move it freely. Fortunately there is a wide variety of flexibility exercises in Fullmusculo. These are alternatives that are easy to do at home and that will give you, as a result, a much freer movement of the different muscles of your body.

You can work the twisting of the back, sitting on the floor and with one leg stretched, bending the other inwards and passing it over the right. Or do a little more demanding exercises as you get more flexibility: lying down, flexing one leg and taking your foot with the same hand, and a step further, carry that foot to your head.

These exercises must be trained gradually to achieve adequate flexibility in our own body. These workouts, in addition to giving you greater flexibility, also help your muscles to take shape and lose calories so you can perform combined routines to achieve your desired body through work and constant training.

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