Jogging: take no chances!

 First of all: have you ever run? Is this your first time or maybe it's been a while since you last practiced? If so, some checks to be carried out for greater safety ...


Even if you are not part of a club, carrying out a health check-up is strongly recommended for future joggers (don't forget: sensitive points change with age and weight…). Yes, back pain, tendonitis or heart disease happened so quickly ... But don't worry, this assessment consists among other things in performing an electrocardiogram at rest, a stress test and even an examination of the arch of the foot. !

Jogging: take no chances!

Pay attention to your feet too!

One of the main things a jogger needs to do is cushioning your fall, because when you run, your feet support four to five times our weight. So don't hesitate to invest in a good pair of running shoes (minimum 60 euros for Sunday runners and 90 euros for regular practice) and not reuse your old tennis shoes. You must feel comfortable, but the foot must be kept in your new shoes.

Here you have just acquired the principal. For the rest, one last tip: don't forget to cover yourself up. When the temperature drops below 15 ° C, you need more than just a T-shirt. And if the thermometer drops to -10 ° C, do not hesitate to wear a tracksuit, even if you are sweating!

The race: what strategy to adopt?

As La Fontaine said: “There is no point in running, you have to start on time” The best strategy is endurance. Indeed, you should never force: you should always feel comfortable on the respiratory and mechanical level. Better to start running by alternating running and walking. As you train, you will find it easier to run longer and longer without feeling like you have to stop.

Ditto if you want to lose weight: Better to run very slowly but as long as possible (45 minutes at least) to burn fat, rather than losing 2 or 3 kg of water and rushing for food afterwards! Last advice: just after the effort, do not forget to stretch, you will avoid stiffness ...

Running, yes, but how often?

The motivation is there, the desire to do well too. Following our advice, you have everything you need to have a good time, but be careful not to force too much too quickly (and therefore suffer too much), it would be the best way to stop wanting to run.

However, the goal is to learn to run well and for a long time without being too tired. For that, only the attendance of the jogger will make the difference… Indeed, if we want results we have to practice running twice a week otherwise we lose almost all our endurance after only eight days. Be careful twice a week is a good rhythm, you must not exceed this frequency if you do not want to be subject to back pain and tendonitis ...

If you keep up with the pace, running will then be synonymous with strengthening the legs, abs and glutes, improving the heart rate, losing weight, etc. What happiness!

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