Starting bodybuilding: the golden rules

 If you want to start build your body is necessary to learn different tips in which you could take your self to the next level during this long journey , always keep in mind that nothing is  happening over night ,today we are going to share some tips if you put it in your training routine no way to not reach your goal.

what you should do?

1. Progressivity

a. General Strengthening and Increasing Specificity
In bodybuilding, it is important to go from general to specific strengthening in order to achieve your goals. This is valid regardless of the level of the practitioner.

B. Increase in Expenses

It is done according to the evolution of the Maximum Force. Regular testing is required to assess your progress. Also adapt the loads according to your state of shape of the moment.

c. Changes in the number of repetitions and the number of series

Prefer increasing the number of sets to repeating. If you change the number of repetitions you may no longer be in line with the objectives you have set for yourself.

d. Evolution of recovery time

There are precise recovery times to respect according to the desired results. Example: On a Force job the recovery time can range from 3 to 6 min.

2. Specificity

Each mode of contraction is specific.

a. Contraction modes

Isometric contraction: it is the maintenance of weight without movement of the load or your body. Muscle insertions do not move.

It is effective in developing maximum strength.

Concentric contraction: it is the fact of lifting the loads of a machine: the muscle contracts and shortens, the insertions get closer.
The eccentric contraction: It is the fact of resting the loads of a machine by controlling it and retaining it: the insertions deviate.
The pliometric contraction: it is the sequence of an eccentric movement followed in a very short time by a concentric movement. These are exercises of impulse, relaxation, jumping ... It allows a big solicitation of nervous factors.

B. Postures

- The pelvis must be placed in retroversion.- The head must always be in the extension of the spine.- The rest of the body: respect your anatomy, work the feet width of the pelvis, the feet and knees in the alignment of your body ...

c. The Movements

- Do not make "blows": smooth movement and without blocking. - Use maximum amplitude on each movement.

d. Breathing

- It is necessary to exhale in contraction and inhale in relaxation. - For isometry, one must have a slow and blockless breathing.

Starting bodybuilding: the golden rules

3. Preparatory and Complementary Activities

a. warm-up

Like any physical activity, warm-up is essential before starting a weight training session. It begins with cardiovascular work (carpet, rower...), then with joint mobilization work and ends with machine work (slow movements and very light loads).

B. recovery

The muscle needs to replenish its energy stocks to be able to perform new movements, hence the importance of recovery.

c. Cardio-Training

It is indispensable for muscle building work. Bodybuilding with load promotes high blood pressure while cardio-training reduces this risk.

d. Stretching

They are essential at the end of the session. They allow the muscle to regain its initial amplitude. Stretching should be considered as work sessions and not as recovery sessions.
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