The 3 things you have to do to mark the abdomen well

One of the main goals that many people set themselves when summer approaches is to mark abs.

Having a very strong abdomen can not only be positive for aesthetic reasons and to have a more slender figure, but they are also a fundamental part of the core. If we work them well, we will get more balance, stability, strength and body control.

The 3 things you have to do to mark the abdomen well

When it comes to showing the much-desired six-pack, several aspects come into play, but mainly there are three. And let's look at them below.

how to mark your abdomen

1. Eat a diet focused on caloric deficit

It is quite common to say that abs are worked in the kitchen. And that's true because, no matter how much we do exercises for the abdomen every day, they won't be visible if we have a layer of fat thick enough to cover them.

Therefore, you have to eat fewer calories than you spend. It is considered that making a caloric deficit of about 500 calories daily is the most convenient to obtain good results in a healthy way.

2. Do cardio training

Aerobic physical activity will help you burn calories and improve the cardiovascular system, breathe better and get tired less in the day to day, among other things. For this you can do a lot of exercises such as walking, running, swimming or cycling, for example.

A simple way that goes very well to do an effective exercise and take it as a habit is to buy a folding stationary bike. Such a machine will help you train whenever you want without leaving home and even while watching TV, watching a video or listening to music. In addition, it is usually designed with a compact size and can be folded, so you can pick it up without complications when necessary. A folding stationary bike is normally silent, so its use does not bother people around.

3. Strengthen the body globally

The best way to have a well-fit and balanced body, including the abdomen, is to increase endurance and shape the body in a general way, not only doing cardiovascular routines, but also strength.

To have the abs well marked and strong it is best to train the bodybuilding of the entire core area, as well as the upper and lower body. That's why you should do full-body strength exercises, and add abdomen routines in a complementary way if you want to give more importance to this part than the rest.

Bodybuilding routines can be done both in a gym and at home using the weight of one's own body, water bottles, backpacks full of books, dumbbells, russian weights or, if you have enough space and you can afford it, you can also buy a multifunction gym machine. 

These are the three aspects that must be taken into account when getting in shape. After all, working the abs in a specific way is not the most important thing to show them, since when we lose fat, it is lost in a general way, not only that of the abdomen, so you have to be patient and be consistent with the caloric deficit diet and training.

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