Tips and levels for an exercise routine at home

Exercising and training at home is a great advantage when it comes to accommodating schedules. In the day to day it can become complex to arrange schedules to go to the gym, so we will learn some recommendations to put together your own routine at home and train making the most of the time available.

Tips and levels for an exercise routine at home

Fundamental tips for designing your exercise routine at home

The first thing you have to think about when designing a homemade exercise routine is the real possibilities of carrying out your activities. Of course, motivation will help you start training, but it is no use designing a plan of maximum intensity if you are not going to be able to carry it out completely.

Keep your goal in mind. The exercise routine that you must design to lose measurements at the waist is not the same as the routine to achieve a marked musculature such as television models or the exercise routine to lose fat in rebellious areas.

The design of exercises at home also has to be related to the times you want to invest. Keep in mind that you will have to dedicate time to your training. Design a routine with the time you can dedicate without that means getting tired or tired of the proposal.

When you have already assembled your routine and the time you are going to dedicate to the exercises, you must pay attention to the space where you are going to carry out your training. 

You need a free area to do push-ups, to jump, extend your arms and make lizards, among others. You can also install in a small space some of the machines to exercise at home that we find in the market. Luckily, with about two square meters you will have enough. Depending on the type of exercise you're going to do, you may need a little more space.

As a final tip to start thinking about your exercise routine at home, look for an ally. A good way to stay motivated to train is for a friend to train as well. It doesn't matter if you don't do the same routines or don't work alongside you, but if you have someone with whom to share progress, difficulties and recommendations. An ally in training to establish challenges and goals that help you overcome and demand a little more with each passing day.

Tips and levels for an exercise routine at home

Difficulty levels

When you start designing an exercise routine at home, you should think about the level of demand and previous training.

  • There are exercises of the beginner level,with exercises that work groups of general muscles and an intensity of 3 days a week.
  • Or an intermediate level that already begins with routines a little more demanding in terms of the specificity of the muscles or the days of training.
  • The advanced level in exercise routines requires prior training that allows you to work without the help of a personal trainer specific muscles and with high intensities. In this way, you get results typical of an athlete who maintains the shape and endurance of his muscles, but taking advantage of the comfort of being able to train at home.

Depending on your starting point, it may take more or less time to reach the advanced level, or maybe your goal is simply to stay in shape. But you'll decide that as you take the first steps in designing your workout routine with exercises at home.

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