What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is one of those disciplines that combine the physical, mental and physical order. It offers many benefits to body and mind. Here are some of them.

What are the benefits of yoga

it helps to fight stress

A regular practice of yoga allows you to learn how to reduce stress. Through postures/asanas, breathing/pranayama and meditation/dharana, we learn to soothe our mind. This disconnection from the outside world makes it possible to forget the worries of everyday life and to offer moments of serenity. By fighting stress, yoga also improves the quality of sleep.

2. It improves breathing

By practicing yoga, one improves one's breathing abilities by increasing the duration of inspirations and exhalations. This helps to strengthen the lungs and heart.

3. It energizes the body

Yoga helps strengthen muscles, including deep muscles. It makes us stronger and more flexible... Yoga also helps to develop agility and balance. Some forms of yoga (Ashtanga yoga...) allow you to work cardio. Regular yoga practice also helps to soften the spine.

4. It increases concentration

Yoga is an indispensable practice to improve mental and physical concentration. The different postures/asanas require stability and anchoring. It also improves intellectual abilities, including memorization.

5. It soothes certain ailments

Yoga strengthens the immune system and is thus better equipped against colds and other chronic diseases. It relieves premenstrual pain. Yoga is also recommended for women suffering from endometriosis. Regular practice improves digestive functions as well as blood circulation, which strengthens the health of the heart and many other vital organs.

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