What warm-up before a weight training session?

In order to avoid injury or damage to your muscles, warm-up is the essential step for a successful sports session. We give you in a few key steps, the essential elements to achieve the perfect warm-up.

Who says a good warm-up, says a preparation, cardiovascular, muscular and osteoarticular. Indeed, in order for your body to be fully ready for your session, you must create a rise in temperature. For this, several exercises will allow you to prepare your body in 10 minutes, whether with machines or body weight.

What warm-up before a weight training session

You want to warm up with the machines (10'):

  • For a generalized training (upper and lower body), favor the rower, the treadmill as well as the elliptical bike.
  • For a low-body training, we recommend the bike.
  • Finally to warm up your upper body, the rower remains the most efficient machine.

Cardiovascular heating:

  • Jump rope: 5 times 1 minuteRecovery: 30 seconds
  • Sprint "shuttles": 4 sprints of 30 secondsRecuperation: 30 seconds

Muscle and osteoarticular heating:

  • 30 seconds of rotation of the wrists in one direction and then in the other
  • 30 seconds of rotation of the ankles in one direction and then in the other
  • 1 series of 20 squats
  • 1 set of 20 pumps (either on the tips of the foot or on the knees)
  • 1 set of 20 slots (10 slots on the right leg and 10 slots on the left leg)

You want to warm up to several:

Prefer group lessons where your coach plans about ten minutes during his session to guide you. That said, once you are there, you will have to finish the session. Do not forget to consult the schedule of group lessons offered by your room.

The tips of writing

  • If you have completed these different steps well, you must feel a feeling of warmth. This is a very good sign, it proves that you have perfectly succeeded in your warm-up.
  • Don't drink too much to avoid feeling bloated!
  • In winter, it is more difficult to raise your temperature. Remember to cover yourself with a sweatshirt!

It's good, you are ready for an intense and efficient sports session!

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