Why do men only work at the top and women work at the bottom of the body?

 You only have to go to a weight room  to realize how blatant it is! If one dangled the room with the gaze, one immediately noticed a concentration of men busy around the benches for the work of the pectorals on the bench press; some of them are found on machines intended for arm and shoulder work and a number opposite for back work.

There you go! Look no further, they are all there; finally almost, some are exceptions to the press or on the leg extension for the work of the thighs but they usually perform only a few series, it is only a brief passage!

Why do men only work at the top and women work at the bottom of the body?

Why muscle the upper body without worrying about the bottom?

It is obvious that this behavior is not the result of the long journey of a thought! On the contrary, it appeals to very primary instincts. In bodybuilding, we develop strength and in our collective unconscious, this notion refers us to animals like the bear or the gorilla that we just have to observe when they are in a demonstration of their power to understand that we are not so far from their behavior.

What does the dominant male do to impress the opponent? He bombs his torso, he hits his chest while shouting. In this situation, these animals do not flee, they are well anchored in the ground. The force therefore very naturally evokes the development of the upper body; Muscle up the thighs refers to the idea of saving oneself, which thwarts the qualities of strength that we are looking for in bodybuilding.


Men do bodybuilding to feel good in their body but also to please women. Even if, basically, we are still responding to archaic patterns such as the need for women to snuggle up in protective arms, the fact remains that at 21th century, these have come a long way.

Indeed, in return for the male domains that they appropriate a little more each day, there is a feminine value that they now willingly share with men: beauty. It is for this reason that a muscular torso and arms, even if they will not leave women insensitive, are no longer enough.

Muscular thighs and glutes harmoniously in relation to the rest of the body are just as important to them and it would seem that a majority of men have not yet integrated this idea!

Let's go back a little higher, one weeknly evening in a weight room. Where are the women? 90% are working thighs, glutes and abdominals. Some have escaped for small sets of triceps and biceps but it is often transient (as for the work of the thighs of men).

Strength for women

With a few exceptions, for many women, developing strength does not mean... nothing for them! Strength is not part of the feminine values at the base. When they have to choose a muscular work goal with loads, they never opt for strength. Most of the time, they are afraid of gaining muscle mass and whatever program is offered to them, they fear that the muscle will grow unwided. They usually choose a circuit-training program with the aim of toning the body in endurance training with long series and the use of light loads.


Most women are motivated solely by aesthetics, the harmony of their forms, when they come to register in a weight room. They neglect to strengthen the upper body because it brings them back to the notion of strength that emanates from the muscular torsos of men and that they do not wish to appropriate. Nevertheless, they attach a lot of importance to the thighs, glutes and abdominals because the muscles developed on these parts of the body, if this is not excessive, do not take anything away from femininity but allows to gain aesthetics.

In the end, we realize that men and women do not do bodybuilding to develop the same qualities but that in the background they practice this discipline for the same reasons: seduce ...

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