3 CrossFit workouts without material to do on vacation

Today we leave you 3 CrossFit workouts without material that you can do anywhere.During the holidays it is very common to disconnect from the gym. It is difficult to continue with the training that we have been doing for the rest of the year. That is why more and more people resort to training at home or without material that allows them to continue progressing during the well-deserved holidays.

3 CrossFit workouts without material to do on vacation

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a training modality that includes exercises focused on strength, endurance and agility in the same session. We could say that it is a combination of sports disciplines that come together in a single session.

It is a varied training that helps to develop basic physical capacities as a whole, since the performance of the exercises is modified by always choosing functional or multi-joint exercises that must be performed at a high intensity.

Most of the exercises that are performed in these workouts are with high loads, although there are CrossFit workouts without material that will seek a metabolic stress that will make you increase your physical condition.

 Who can do a CrossFit workout?

Due to the intensity and difficulty of some of the main movements that form the basis of Cross Fit workouts, this type of workouts were performed by people whose physical capacity was remarkable. In its origins, it was the military and certain elite bodies that used to practice this type of sport.

Today it is not like that, Cross Fit has spread throughout the world and has been gaining popularity, so the original workouts have been adapted to all levels . It is for this reason that you will not need to have the physical condition of an elite athlete to be able to practice this fun and effective sport.

Currently, this sports discipline can be practiced by anyone, as long as the exercises or the WOD itself (as CrossFit training is called) are adapted to the characteristics of each person.

CrossFit benefits

Although it is difficult by extension to list each and every one of the benefits that this sporting discipline can bring you, we are going to try to briefly summarize the most striking:

Change your body composition

Being a very varied and intense sports discipline, it will make your body have a higher caloric expenditure and together with an adequate diet it will help you eliminate fat and improve muscle mass, so your body will look much more aesthetic, strong and defined.

Improves cardiovascular endurance

Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance is improved with continuous aerobic exercise . Therefore, the WOD or CrossFit workouts will become a good weapon to make you more and more resistant.

Aesthetically it will improve your body and it will look more stabilized

As we have discussed previously, in Cross Fit exercises not only the main muscles are worked, but it is the ligaments and small stabilizing muscles that will help you perform the movements. Therefore, with the continued practice of this sports discipline, this lean tissue will gain strength that will be transferred to better postural hygiene.

Your health will improve

The Cross Fit method has as its main objective the improvement of the basic physical capacities of the subject. Therefore, the person who improves his physical abilities is improving his health. Let's not forget that movement and exercise is a direct factor associated with the health of our body.

Improve social relationships

Although in most workouts Cross Fit is a discipline where you work individually, it is true that many WODs require the help of a partner. In addition, in each session, you will try to beat your marks, but you will also try to beat your training partners.

3 CrossFit workouts without material

Next we are going to describe the 3 most used methodologies in Cross Fit training and we will put a practical example of each of them.


The word EMOM is made up of the acronyms of ( Every Minute On the Minute ) that give meaning to perform each block of exercises within a minute, "every minute in the minute . "

To execute an EMOM training you must choose an exercise or block of exercises with specific repetitions that you must do as quickly as possible, since your rest time will be the time remaining until the next minute begins. It is a fun way in which your rival is time, so you should not lower your guard at any time and you should be giving one hundred percent in each series.

The EMOM methodology is used in Cross Fit workouts without material because it helps increase training intensity.

A practical example of an EMOM training could be the following:

  • Pair minute: 5 burpees + 10 push-ups + 15 squats.
  • Odd minute: 5 squat jumps + 10 jumping jacks + 15 sit ups.

Interchange the exercises depending on how time goes by. Set a 10 minute reverse timer and add time (2 minutes could be a good option) weekly until you try to reach 20 minutes of training.

Time, exercises and repetitions should be adapted to each person individually, taking into account the characteristics of each subject.


The word AMRAP is the composition of abbreviating the initials of " as many reps as possible ". This training aims to perform as many repetitions or rounds as possible of an exercise or exercise block.

For instance:

AMRAP (20 minutes): 100 jumping jacks + 50 shrugs + 25 squats + 10 push-ups.

We must set a timer with a 20-minute countdown and begin to perform the exercises. It should be passed from one to the other when we complete the proposed repetitions. Each time the block is finished, we will have to write down the number of laps to try to complete as many rounds as possible at the end.

AMRAP workouts can be adapted to the characteristics of each athlete by adjusting the time or number of repetitions of the exercises.

We recommend starting for 10 minutes and extending a couple of minutes weekly.

In order not to lose motivation, you should try to exceed the number of rounds given each time you do this training.


ForTime workouts are typical in which the time it takes to perform a block of exercises is timed . The objective is to try to improve the brands over time.

A practical example of this methodology would be to perform:

50 squats + 50 jumping jacks + 50 push-ups + 50 jumping jacks + 50 sit ups + 50 jumping jacks + 50 inverted vertical shoulder push-ups (doing a handstand or with the help of a bench to support the knees).

At the beginning of the training, the stopwatch must be started and the athlete must stop it at the end of all the exercises and repetitions proposed at the beginning.


If you are one of those who likes to train and do not want to stop doing it during the holidays, we propose 3 CrossFit workouts without material that you can do anywhere.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity when describing them, we assure you that they will take a great effort to complete.

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