3 CrossFit routines without having to go to the training box

Crossfit is a combination of functional exercises that are worked in a varied way in each of the workouts and that are executed at a high intensity. In this way, quite remarkable gains are created both in strength, agility or body aesthetics.

This sport is being practiced by all kinds of audiences, from novices in the world of fitness to opponents or elite athletes who use this type of training to improve their physical qualities.

To practice CrossFit, it is usually necessary to go to the training boxes and pay a fee for it, but that should not be an impediment for you not to practice it. Find out which CrossFit workouts you can do anywhere you want.

3 CrossFit routines without having to go to the training box

How to practice CrossFit without going to the training box?

You are going to know 3 routines or WODs (Work Of the Day) that you can carry out without having to go to a training box. You can start to get started in this sport and if you already knew it, you can improve yourself anywhere without going to the gym.

1. Wod Cindy

This training is named after a woman and, despite its difficulty, it is one of the most accessible in this sport, since it only groups chin- ups , push-ups and squats , so you can do it anywhere as long as you get one. and.

This routine groups into 5, 10 and 15 pull-ups, push-ups and squats respectively.

How to run it?

Use a timer to count 20 minutes in which you will have to make as many blocks as possible, resting just enough. Start with 5 dominoes, move on to 10 push-ups, then 15 squats, so on for the full time. Write down the number of blocks you have achieved and try to overcome it each time you run the training.

Wod Cindy

2. Running + squat

In the gym, it is typical to skip the leg day due to the laziness that most users find to train this muscle group. With this training there is no excuse not to train your legs, since in a fast and dynamic way you can train them while working aerobically.

How to run it?

Perform 4 rounds of running 400 meters as fast as possible and 50 squats in a row. Time yourself the total time it took you to complete the 4 rounds and improve it each time you do the training.

It is a very complete workout in which you include the leg day and the cardio day in the same routine. This training is not a substitute for leg training, but it can serve as a complement.

3 CrossFit routines without having to go to the training box

3. Wod Fran

This is one of the best known Crossfit workouts. It combines only two exercises: chin-ups and thrusters, but it will make your body work globally and fatigue each of your muscles.

How to run it?

Perform 21 pull-ups and thrusters, continue with 15 reps of both exercises, and finish with 9.

This training can be executed in less than 3 minutes if you are a true athlete or in a maximum of 10 minutes if you are not a person very used to doing physical exercise. As in the previous tables, try to beat your previous mark each time you do it.


If you are tired of the typical gym workouts and want to try something different and effective, I advise you to try these workouts. When you do them, you will feel as if you had been run over by a truck, but the feeling of well-being that will come at the end and pass each workout will make you feel really good.

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