3 yoga poses to gain flexibility in the hips

what are the best 3 yoga poses to gain flexibility in the hipsAccording to Ariel Kiley, lead instructor of Daily Burn's Fundamentals Yoga program, the hip joint is spherical, meaning it can function in different directions of movement?

Fortunately, there are certain hip stretches that activate the muscles and fascia, a connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and organs, which will help keep them healthy, mobile and flexible. In addition, healthy hip mobility is also imperative to avoid lower back pain.

3 yoga poses to gain flexibility in the hips

3 yoga poses to get flexible hips

1. Squat with support

Putting yourself in a squat position is an essential movement for healthy hips. However, if people sit for long hours, they lose the ability to position themselves properly. For this reason, practicing the movement as shown will help you regain the ability to do squats properly.

How to do it?

  1. Sit on a yoga block or a stack of books and place your feet about 45 degrees on the sides of the block.
  2. Place your hands in a prayerful position, and squeeze your elbows between your knees.
  3. Lengthen your spine so that it is perfectly upright, while using your elbows to bring your knees outwards.
  4. Hold your pelvic floor muscles steadfast and look ahead.
    3 yoga poses to gain flexibility in the hip

2. Pigeon resting

This yoga pose consists of a deep stretch. Keeping one leg forward will give you a stretch for the gluteus maximus and other deep hip muscles. On the other hand, the other leg behind it creates a stretch in the hip flexors and core.

How to do it?

  1. Place your left shin diagonally toward the front of the mat, with your foot pointing down.
  2. Slide your right leg back, also with your foot pointing.
  3. Rest your forearms parallel to each other on the floor, keeping your neck elongated and your head neutral.

You can place a thick blanket or cushion under your left hip to level your pelvis and reduce pressure on your knee. Also, by pressing down with your forearms, you can reduce the intensity of the stretch.

In case of stress on the front knee, add another cushion under the hip.

3 yoga poses to gain flexibility in the hips

3. Pose of the stalked panther

This yoga stretch is great for waking up tight hips through a small movement. It consists of a dynamic stretch for the inner thigh muscles or the adductor muscles.

As you slide from side to side, your adductors will lengthen and tone your inner thigh muscles

How to do it?

  1. Stand upright, with your feet parallel to each other. Then bend over and go forward.
  2. Place your fingertips on the floor or on a yoga block.
  3. Activate your back muscles to keep your spine long and neutral.
  4. Look straight ahead, fixing your eyes on a single point.
  5. Move back and forth, bending over one knee, then the other.
  6. Keep your feet planted on the ground.

Move slowly and carefully to execute this pose.

3 yoga poses to gain flexibility in the hips

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