The dance has become through time an excellent choice to be fit For those people who prefer to burn calories dancing to music, instead of following exercise routines, today we are going to review some of the most common styles that you can practice in gyms and dance studios and that will help you have a fit body.

4 styles of dances to be in shape

1. Latin dances

With Caribbean rhythms, festive and very dynamic, this type of dance is widely used to perform choreographic exercise routines that help lose fat. Some of the best known dances that are framed in these rhythms include the Colombian salsa, the rumba, the son, the cumbia and the merengue.

They are sensual, fun and very dynamic dances that have been gaining fans all over the world. In addition, they have the particularity of being very fun to learn and effective for toning different muscle groups as well as increasing respiratory power and physical resistance.


2. Belly dance

This dance, very popular worldwide by Shakira but originally from the Middle East , is ideal for those who enjoy shaking their hips and shaking off. This dance is very demanding and particularly effective in toning the legs, hips and waist.

Variations of belly dancing tend to be performed in gyms that involve other movements and more intense exercises for toning. When practicing this dance, keep in mind that there are versions more adapted to physical exercise, and others that preserve all the sensuality and spirit of the Middle East.

3. The Bollywood dance

This peculiarly named dance is based on different classical styles from India, such as the Kathak and Bharatnatyam , dances that involve delicate movements and gestures with the hands, as well as movements with grace and delicacy. Over the years the style has been fused with others, such as bhangra, contemporary dance or hip-hop.

The result is an energetic combination that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that tones the muscles and allows better coordination of movements in general. With Bollywood dance you will be in motion all the time and you will learn to distribute energy from the center of your thorax to the fingertips of your extremities

4. Street Dance

Our last dance to exercise and keep the body in shape is street dance or Street Dance . It is a stimulating and active rhythm, and includes very varied movements that go from popping (contracting the muscles to the rhythm of the music) to locking (rapid movements of arms and hands together with slower movements with hips and legs).

Street dance has numerous forms depending on the instructor. It is about feeling and living music in a totally different way, and thanks to that combination of body and music, some very intense dances and choreography are achieved.

These are just some of the dance modalities that you can start practicing to stay in shape. Always remember to choose a style that is fun and attractive to you, since it is about exercising with enthusiasm and not as an obligation. For this reason, music and dance add up to getting a fit body and in good physical condition.

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