Benefits of doing strength exercises in women

There are many women who practice sports in their day to day, however, they are usually sports and cardio exercises, because most women still believe that strength exercises will make them look like a man, but not at all, this is a false myth that does a lot of damage to our health.

Benefits of doing strength exercises in women

What are the benefits of doing strength exercises in women?

Strength exercises to lose fat:

It is clear that most people exercise to lose weight, if we could lose pounds sitting on the couch, most would not move a single finger.

There are many people who constantly wonder why do not I lose weight if I eat healthy?, what happens is that many times we can be losing strength, but also muscle mass because we do not do strength exercises, this translates into a flaccid body.

If you eat well and do exercises the worst thing that can happen to you is that the body stays fofo, for this it is very important to do strength exercises that help us gain muscle mass at the same time that we lose weight.

Prevent injuries:

By doing strength routines our muscles develop more, these wrap in body in a kind of armor that protects us against blows and falls. This makes it much more difficult to get injured.

Positive for diabetics:

With strength exercises such as weights you get as it happens with resistance training an improvement in insulin sensitivity. This is a pretty good thing for people who suffer from this problem.

Improves our posture:

If we get a body with strong muscles we will also get to look more attractive because our figure will take a better posture, in this way it will look more asymmetrical and beautiful.

Increased calorie expenditure:

We must bear in mind that with each kilo more of muscle mass the consumption of calories is significantly increased during the 24 hours of the day, it does not matter what you are doing you will always be consuming more.

This is the reason why people with a high percentage of musculature also weigh relatively more, since muscle mass weighs much more than body fat, this does not mean that we are fatter, on the contrary, we will simply be healthy and defined but the weight will mark us a little more.

The effects of age:

Doing strength exercises is so good for women's health that it makes us appear less years old. The reason is that muscle mass begins to decrease gradually from the age of 30 in the absence of systematic strength training.

For this reason, if we train strength we will look younger than people who do not do this type of exercise.

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