Errors when training biceps

There are many people who train their arms constantly but do not get biceps or do not get the muscle to be as toned as they want.

One of the main problems with this is that people do not tone the muscles in that area in the correct way, because when doing biceps you move the whole body. The best way to do biceps is with your back against the wall, what you should do is raise the weights without separating your elbows from the wall and do three repetitions per arm.

Another error is the few repetitions, since for the biceps to appear, many times it takes time and many repetitions. To be able to notice them, they must have spent at least 4 months and an average of repetitions between 9 and 12 times a day.


Errors when training biceps

Exercise to work both biceps:

Keeping the little fingers at the height or higher in relation to the other fingers, this way you will work the biceps brachii (inner side) more effectively.

Use the short head if taking a grip the width of the bar

Curl your thumbs higher than your pinkies; this way you will work the long head of the biceps.

Errors when training biceps

Another of the mistakes that are made very frequently are many repetitions and a lot of weight. One of the two should be chosen, since both things tire the muscle much faster, making the arms not support the rhythm.

You must lift the maximum weight possible without making it difficult for you to work hard and above all to do it slowly so that the muscle is marked.

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