Exercises to get back to the gym

Due to the state of alarm and with all the people in their homes in order to defeat COVID-19, many businesses and companies had to temporarily close their establishments, including gyms.

It is curious that one of the things that people began to practice the most when they were confined to homes was sports. And it is something that we cannot completely remove from our lives even with all the concerns of confinement. 

Exercises to get back to the gym

The importance of warming

It is normal that the desire to practice sports multiplies when we receive the news again that the gyms in Valencia have reopened . If we go with some assiduity to train every week, we may come to think that we are capable of practicing the exercises again with the same intensity as we did before the break.

But these almost three months, no matter how much we have done exercises at home, represent a significant decrease in muscles and intensity of the sport. Even becoming overloaded or having an injury due to not progressively exercising again.

For this reason, it is important that we follow a pattern of slow and exponential growth so that the body gets back into the habit of weekly exercise performance that we had before the break.

 These recommendations will also be of use to all those who have decided to start exercising and doing sports regularly in their lives for the first time. What is evident is that as in all sports activities, warming up and stretching before and after exercising will be crucial.

Basic exercises to return to sports

Depending on the objectives we want to achieve, we will need some time or another for re-adaptation and conditioning. But more or less, getting ready again, although it will depend on the training plan, it can range between 4 or six weeks. Here are some of the types of training and exercises that we will need for a successful return to sport:

Practicing cardio is not a problem:

  • As long as we do not overload our legs and body with excessive filming, when we can no longer, we must stop. Cardio exercises are an ideal practice that helps to increase our endurance and to regulate lung capacity in order to increase success in other types of training. We can do cardio whenever we want, his thing is to do a little bit every day.

Flexibility and elasticity are a necessary complement:

  • practicing this type of exercise not only means an improvement in physical tone, but also helps to improve our mood. Thus, all activities related to dance suppose a great release of the stress accumulated during the week. 
  • While activities such as Pilates or yoga help improve flexibility, elasticity and breathing of those who perform them. If we carry out weight work, when practicing any complementary activity of the aforementioned, we will surely achieve a substantial improvement, because mainly we will concentrate and breathe better.

Muscle work:

  • we must be very careful when returning to muscle exercise. Both with cardio, as with flexibility and elasticity, this problem does not exist, but the majority of overloads and injuries occur in this section of training. 
  • We must be patient and start small. It does not matter if you lifted 40, 50 or 100 kilograms before, because it is not good to return to that peak of effort that we reached before the break.
  •  It is not something that should frustrate us, it is the most normal thing in the world throughout our lives to have to regain the strength that we have lost, just as we will not always be in our perfect physical condition every day throughout the year.

Workout routine to get back to the gym

Example of routine to return little by little to the gym

In addition to talking about the exercises, we are going to propose a specific example that may not serve everyone. But for those people who have an average capacity for a training routine, it can serve them perfectly and can practice it in any center, such as the Corporea Gym in florida .

The routine is made up of the following exercises throughout a week:


  • the first day of the week is the perfect day to burn calories. On the one hand we have the option of doing a spinning class with a medium level, or on the other hand, doing about an hour of cardio on the treadmill. Never exceeding 70% of the allowed heart rate


  • once we have opened the week with a good use of energy, we are more prepared to tone and define the body with muscular exercise. Here both the number of series and the number of repetitions that we are going to perform are of vital importance.
  •  The exercises that we will do will be rowing with a machine, hamstrings on a machine and pectorals with an incline machine. We will do 3 sets of 15 repetitions in each of these exercises. Finally, 10 minutes of sit-ups and stretching so you don't feel so worn out the next day.


  • the equator of the week is the ideal time to rest . You can do from a slightly different routine if you still want to exercise, or relax in the sauna or jacuzzi.


  • With all the stress and nerves on the surface of the week, Thursday can be a great day for relaxation and disconnection through flexibility exercises. An option can be a Pilates class and then a 30-minute run or a yoga or aqua gym session.


  • to end the week we must re-tone and define the body through muscular exercise. A body pump class would be ideal or even do closed-circuit sets and reps again.

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