Exercises to strengthen the deltoids and work the SHOULDERS

 what is the best Exercises to strengthen the deltoids? and work the SHOULDERS? People who perform physical exercises on a regular basis are well aware that in addition to arms, legs, and chest, there are also areas that require exercise and are not always included among the routines of the occasional. Therefore, today we are going through some proposals for shoulder exercises that will allow you to have better deltoids and an optimal general physical condition.

Exercises to strengthen the deltoids and work the SHOULDERS

Varied routines

To have well-worked shoulders , many people perform various exercise routines,without paying special attention to the shoulders. These types of routines often accompany generalized body development, but you may notice that your shoulders are less strengthened or toned than the rest of your muscle groups. In that case, you can take note of the following exercises that will pay special attention to the deltoid area.
A good shoulder exercise routine strengthens this area and allows you to keep your body proportions in balance. Otherwise, you may have the rest of your body overworked relative to your shoulders. How are the delts made up?

Exercises and complete work of the deltoids

The shoulder is made up of three sections of the deltoid : anterior, medial, and posterior. The best way to fully work this family of muscles is with segmented training, isolating each of the heads of the muscle to achieve greater efficiency. There will also be minimal involvement of the triceps.

A tip to follow to avoid injuries: carry out an adequate warm-up if we are going to perform strong exercises. The delts are muscles that are very prone to injury.

Birds routine

This exercise is one of the most used to strengthen the rear deltoid area . It also helps improve body posture and reduce injury by strengthening an area that is sometimes neglected in shoulder exercise routines.

In the starting position, which can vary depending on the versions, we can raise the dumbbells, set the weight and then lower the pulley if we use a cable machine, or work each arm separately using the pulley method.

1. Legs slightly bent, bend at the waist and the torso should be parallel to the floor.
2. Exhale slowly and extend the arms to the sides and thus leave them parallel to the floor.
3. We press in the upper zone of the movement for 2 seconds, inhaling as we slowly lower the weight of the dumbbells until we return to the starting position.

The bird deltoid exercise requires a set of 3 repetitions with 10 movements each. In this way, we will work the deltoid muscles organically and we will be able to strengthen the shoulder area, as well as other parts of the body that we will reinforce in a complementary way along with the rest of our exercise routine.

do not forget the shoulders

As we have repeated throughout this post, the shoulders are usually an area of ​​the body that many of us forget , focusing our energy on the arms, legs and chest, to have strong abs and powerful limbs. With these exercise routines for the deltoids, we can keep our body balanced and properly strengthened.

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