Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees

The knees are a fundamental part of our body. Knee pain and injuries are very common in people who do physical education. These can suffer ligament rupture, patella atrophy, meniscus damage or tear.

To strengthen your knees and avoid injuries, in this post we bring you some great exercises to strengthen your knees, which you can do wherever you want . With these exercises you can take care of your joints and achieve greater flexibility in them. In this way you can be very prepared to practice your favorite sport.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees

Exercises to strengthen your knees

Lower push-ups

This is an extremely useful exercise to   strengthen your knees. To do this you must lie on the floor, then bend your knees up to your chest. You must achieve a fetal position. This exercise consists of alternating bringing your legs to the chest. First you should do it with one, then with the other and then with both at the same time.


Open your legs, they should have the same opening distance as between your shoulders. Your back should be very straight, and your hands should be behind your neck. The next step is to bend your knees a little , and lower slowly as far as you can, it is important that you do not push yourself too hard. This exercise will not only allow you to strengthen your knees , but it will also allow you to tone your glutes.

Squat from below

Once you go down, you must go up while maintaining the same position as in the previous exercise. That is, you do the squat, go down as far as you can, and then go up.

Jogging raising your legs

This is another of the exercises to strengthen your knees, to do it you must raise your knees a little higher than normal. The objective of this exercise is for the joints and internal muscles of the knee to work intensively in each step that is taken .

Recommendation : when you do physical exercise, pay attention to your limits, do not over demand . You must be very attentive to any pain or discomfort you feel. And above all you must take good care of your knees , that will prevent you from suffering knee injuries, or other types of injuries.

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