how to strengthen Hamstrings with training

 The hamstrings are some of the most overlooked areas when it comes to doing a good warm-up. Although they are strictly necessary to flex the knees, or as hip extensors, we do not usually pay localized attention to them in our impact training. They are one of the muscle groups that suffer the most from physical activity and therefore it is vitally important to strengthen them to prevent future injuries from occurring.


how to strengthen Hamstrings with training

Although your training has a more difficult degree of work, relative to the other muscles of the leg, there is little information on good exercises to strengthen this area. Today in this article we decided to collect this information to bring you the latest in this type of exercise.

Isolated knee flexion

It can be run through different variants that will make it possible to strengthen them, isolating them. Sitting on a machine, standing on one leg and lying down with the help of a rubber band.

Retained hamstrings

This exercise, also known as Nordic Curl, requires a mat and a partner or a fixed bar to hold our feet . Assume a four-legged pose with the hands behind the back while the ankles are fixed, supported and without separation from the ground, leaning forward and maintaining a position for a few seconds with a straight back. Another variant is standing, with a strap attached to a pole that restrains the hamstrings.

Hills or climbs

The aerobic exercise can also help strengthen legs. The slopes up and down have an extra intensity that serves to strengthen the lower part. To achieve better objectives you can vary inclination, unevenness or length.

Supine hip lift

In inverted quadruped , resting hands and feet on the floor but face up, raise the hips so that the shoulders, hips and knees are in alignment, pushing with the heels. A variation of this exercise is to perform it with the leg elevated, supporting the elbows and pushing with one heel while the other leg remains elevated and straight.

Russian skipping

With this exercise, muscle power, strength and symmetry are fundamentally worked . Moving around and keeping your knees locked and quadriceps contracted, as if clawing on the floor. Seek the amplitude in the movement avoiding sinking in the points of support.

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Femoral curl with fitball

This exercise is another of the simplest to work the biceps femoris and the rest of the hamstring muscles . To do this, you must lie on the floor on your back with your arms fully stretched out and your heels placed on top of a Swiss ball. In this position you must raise the body forming a straight line leaving the hips in the air and supporting the head and the upper part of the back . Bring the ball towards your head by contracting and then moving it away without lowering your hips and returning to the starting position.

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