SHOULDER routine to strengthen deltoids

Many people who exercise for well-muscled shoulders follow a varied exercise routineFor this reason, and thinking about the best possible approach to well-exercised shoulders, we explore which are some of the best routines that aim to significantly define the deltoids.

Today we will see a routine to strengthen shoulders, if what you are looking for are exercises to PREVENT SHOULDER INJURIES  I advise you to do the ones in this link, these are shoulder exercises with elastic bands.

Exercises to strengthen the deltoids and work the SHOULDERS


Complete deltoid work

The three sections of the deltoids that make up the shoulder are called the anterior, medial, and posterior deltoids . For the work that we will carry out in segmented training, we will have to perform an isolation of each of the muscle heads for greater efficiency. In addition there will be minimal involvement of the triceps. Warming up before starting strong exercises is essential as the delts are muscles prone to injury.

Arnold Dumbbell Press Routine

A variation of the traditional 'shoulder press' exercise. The exercise aims at a rotational movement throughout a range of motion and puts stress and pressure on all three deltoid segments.

1. Sitting on a bench, at a 90ยบ angle to provide effective full back support. We place the weights on both sides of the bench.
2. We slowly raise the weights and with the palms towards the torso we reach the level of the chin.
3. We continue to lift them, slowly, keeping the dumbbells close to the torso.
4. We complete with external rotation of the hands while moving the weight 'arched' over the head.

This exercise is recommended to be performed in a series of 3 repetitions with 10 or 12 lifts at a time. Remember to rest for a few seconds after the series to regain energy.


Arnold Dumbbell Press Routine

This exercise is very useful for strengthening the posterior deltoid. It helps with good body posture and reduces injuries by strengthening an area that is normally left a little neglected when exercising the shoulders.

The starting position has different versions: you can raise the dumbbells, set the weight and lower the pulley if you are using a cable machine, or work each arm individually using the pulley method.

1. We slightly bend the legs, bend the waist so that the torso is parallel to the ground.

2. Exhale slowly and extend the arms to the sides so that they are parallel to the floor.
3. Press at the top of the movement for 2 seconds, inhale as we slowly lower the weight of the dumbbells until we return to the starting position.

In this case, 3 repetitions of sets of 10 movements are recommended . In this way we will be able to work organically the deltoid muscles and achieve good results in the entire body, taking advantage of the shoulders so as not to leave an area that many tend to forget neglected.

Shoulder workout routine

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