What is zumba and what is it for?

Surely you have heard before that a party is not a party but there is music, because that is how zumba works, a term that you have probably heard on other occasions among your friends or family, especially athletes and dance lovers. But what really is Zumba and where did it originate?

What is zumba and what is it for

what is zumba ?

Zumba is a type of sports activity, originally created by the Colombian Alberto “Beto” Perez, which is based on dances and aerobic exercises. The best known Zumba chreographies include songs and dance movements of different musical styles, generally Latin American.

Among the main Latin American rhythms of zumba, there are salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata and reggaeton. Although other rhythms or musical subgenres have also been adapted according to the region of each country.

What is zumba and what is it for

As in all types of aerobic exercises, Zumba also has a series of positive events for our health, especially taking into account that it includes all the benefits of music in sport .

Both psychologically and physically, Zumba can bring great benefits to our health, which you cannot miss if you want to always live happy and healthy.

Physical advantages: Music and Zumba help us burn calories, serve as a muscle toner, increase tolerance to acid accumulation and help us nullour endurance and flexibility.

Psychological advantages: It has always been known that music and sports can help us release tension, but also within this perfect combination that Zumba brings us, there are other great benefits, such as, for example: Stimulating memory, greater happiness and ease of socializing.

Without a doubt, this fitness discipline can serve us as an excellent music therapy to improve our health and happiness in daily life.

How to do zumba to lose weight from home?

What is zumba and what is it for

There are different types of Zumba that help tone different parts of the body and that can have different types of difficulties, such as, for example, Strong by Zumba, which is of greater intensity, but also more effective.

On the other hand, classical zumba is usually one of the most performed, since it combines different types of aerobic exercises with rhythms of Latin and African music. Therefore, its atmosphere is more festive and relaxed, practitioners feel more loose and enjoy the activity much more.

Zumba is a type of exercise that you can do both in the gym where they use sound equipment for events at very high volume and with the help of an instructor to take you to your maximum level, as you can also do it at home, as is like when you want to organize a karaoke at home . It's all a matter of planning and discipline. 

You must be constant

Perseverance is the key to success, even if you can't do it every day, organize your schedule and start doing it at least 2 times a week. 

Merge exercises

Doing Zumba can help you lose weight, but if you want to do it faster and also tone some parts of your body, you should combine this activity with other exercises. 

Take care of your diet

Exercising and then eating hamburgers, pizzas or pasta, one thing may outweigh the other, but it will not help you achieve the main goal: Lose weight!

Although each organism acts differently, in general terms, it will be better to reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your protein and vitamin intake.

Follow the experts

Being a successful fitness activity that works, nowadays there are great experts on YouTube that you can follow and make their video tutorials with fun and effective Zumba sessions.

Although most of these experts have the rental of portable speakers and sophisticated sound equipment to increase motivation at the time of their classes, you can get on the same motivational level with your headphones or the hifi stereo at home, whatever you want. more comfortable, but do not neglect this type of activity if you want to lose weight.

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