4 triceps exercises for women in the gym with machines and free weight

To explain the importance of performing triceps exercises in the gym, whether for women or men,we have to say that it is a muscle that is composed of three portions. Each of them boasts a different function. Now, of course, all of them must grow in harmony in order to boast of arms of ten. Also, you have to focus on the stabilizing muscles, so betting on different weight and different positions and grips is essential.

4 triceps exercises for women in the gym with machines and free weight

Triceps exercises for women in the gym

Triceps exercises for women in the gym are ideal because they allow the latter to tone them. It is an area in which fat is usually accumulated and, in the case of not focusing on it, they can offer a hanging appearance that many people are not proud of. Now, it only takes a little effort to achieve great results.

Bench press with closed grip

This exercise involves several muscles. Among them are the pectorals,which are the most developed when the usual bench press is carried out. However, when instead of betting on the normal grip, we decided to close it, putting our hands closer together, the triceps take center stage,passing the pectorals to be antagonists.

It is important to pay attention to the weight,because being the arms the part of the body most involved, we can not force this area too much lifting very high amounts. The opening can be varied in the event that at first it costs us too much to carry out the exercise. In this way, a tip is to close them little by little to gradually acquire strength and not hurt us.

Bench press for triceps with dumbbells

As in the previous exercise, the triceps bench press with dumbbells involves the pectoral muscles and also the triceps. In the case of betting on the neutral grip, it will be the arms that assume a greater work. The opposite would happen in the case of choosing the grip in pronation.

Taking into account the above, we recommend you to go gathering the dumbbells until they collide at the moment we reach the end of the route that marks the exercise. Then, the trick is to lower them by keeping them together during the first centimeters of the descent. Next, it is necessary to move them away to return to the starting position. In this way, the dumbbells will end up distanced as our shoulders are.

Triceps funds

Triceps funds are an exercise that can vary greatly in intensity. One of the reasons is that we use our own weight to carry it out. It is very simple to perform, and it is not necessary to be in the gym to achieve the goal we have set. The reason is that only two chairs are needed, depending on the level of effort we want to make.

One option is to rest the soles of your feet on the ground. If we want to increase the level, it will be enough to stretch our legs more. Another trick is also to elevate them into another element, such as a bench. 

To be able to make the complete route that marks this exercise, the arms must be supported on an object that has a height similar to that of a chair. It is the only way to work the triceps properly. When we feel that this exercise is too simple, we can add weight to each movement,placing, for example, on top of the legs weight discs or wearing ballasted vests. Thus, it will be possible to train the triceps with a greater hardness.

Triceps kick

There are many coaches who ensure that this exercise can not be missing in any training. If it is done in a correct way, it is a very effective movement when working the triceps. Now, you have to keep in mind that for many people the triceps kick is complicated. However, if you take into account a couple of tips when doing so, about the placement of the body, for example, it is possible to familiarize yourself with this exercise quickly. In this way, it will be possible to take advantage of all the advantages it offers.

It can be performed standing, with two dumbbells and alternating the movement of each arm or moving them at the same time. However, for the latter option a lot of practice is necessary. Moreover, an important tip in these cases is that someone supervises us so that we do not vary at any time the position,since, being more tired with the passage of time, we tend to modify the body posture. This would result in damaging our backs.

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