How to spin at home

Spinning at home involves performing a physical exercise with multiple benefits without giving up the comfort of home. It is an aerobic activity in which the frequency of pedaling, resistance and changes in intensity come into play.

Spinning has cardiovascular benefits, strengthens and tones muscles, helps to lose weight and prevents pain and injury. But to squeeze the most out of all its benefits it is necessary to take into account a series of basic rules. We review them below.

How to spin at home

1. Choose the right bike

Keep in mind that a spinning bike has a specific type of transmission and resistance. Other parameters to consider are the weight of the flywheel and the monitor. In Bicicleta Spinning they offer exhaustive guides not only on bicycles, but on all the accessories you need for a spinning session of the most complete.

Each model has its pros and cons. A chain-drive bike, for example, offers a more realistic feel and is more economical, but it will also make more noise. The belt drive costs more, but it is quieter and its maintenance is minimal.

2. Adjust the bike

Like any fitness device, the spinning bike is something that you must calibrate well if you want to avoid injuries and muscle aches. You can start with the adjustable saddle. To ensure the correct height, stand next to the bike and place the saddle at hip height. When testing, remember that the legs should have a slight flexion when you are at the bottom of the pedaling.

As for the handlebar, it is usually started from the same height of the saddle. If it is too low it will cause discomfort in the arms and neck, so it will have to be readjusted. It must also be at a certain distance from the saddle so that the knees do not collide, so move the latter horizontally if this is the case.

The pedals can be placed to place the feet, so you need to adjust the straps. They should be tight, yes, but loose enough to be able to change the position without problem.

3. Equip yourself before you start

To start your spinning session, have water or an isotonic drink on hand to keep you hydrated, as well as a towel. They are key to preventing dehydration in spinning and seeking a comfortable activity, but what will be more decisive is the clothes to train.

The best spinning shoes are the one with a non-slip sole,which will not be an obstacle if you pedal at high speeds. If the pedals of your bike do not have coves, you can buy specific shoes that carry them.

Spinning leggings and pants,on the other hand, have special padding that will prevent excessive discomfort in the pelvic area. It is common to experience them when you spend more than 15-20 minutes on the bike, going up and down, and the usual thing is to exceed that time.

Gloves are not indispensable, but they do increase the level of grip to the handlebars. They will be useful in sessions with many ups and downs, or in which high speeds are used.

4. Watch posture and stretch

Avoid forced postures for a long time, which increases the risk of discomfort and injury.

Remember that you must do strength with the abs more than with the arms, because you have to avoid overloading the shoulders. The elbows should be flexed while sitting, and the hands should rest gently on the handlebars.

As for the lower train, make sure that the knees do not move at an angle far in front of the tips of the feet. If so, you'll need to readjust the saddle. Keep your hips fixed, work your legs well and adjust the calapiƩs well so as not to slip.

On the other hand, it is always advisable to dedicate the first ones to warm up / stretch the muscles. Work about 15 seconds with each group before getting on the bike: shoulders, biceps and triceps, back and pectorals, neck, hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks and twins.

5. Rate an online gym

To do spinning at home, the cheapest and easiest thing is to watch videos on Youtube. The platform has specific channels of indoor training, whose owners offer very varied virtual spinning classes. They are a good start.

In spinning workouts, sitting pedaling is combined with upright pedaling, as well as the transitions between both postures. An online gym can offer personalized classes adapted to different levels and objectives, and in some cases eating guidelines and options are also offered to see the individual evolution.

What it is about is to be on the bike between 20-30 minutes and an hour continuously,and vary intensity, resistance and speed. This is how results such as weight loss are noticed.

In short, the keys to practicing spinning at home are to choose good equipment, make the necessary adjustments on the bike, stretch and monitor the posture. In this way you can take advantage of its multiple benefits that the practice has without risking injuries.

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