How important is warm-up and stretching in your workout?

The warm-up is very important when preparing the muscle to perform, later, a physical effort. doesn't matter what type of sports practice we are going to carry out, it will always be necessary to start training with some exercises with which to get our body to face a more intense activity than the one we normally do. With stretching the same thing happens, it is necessary to help the body to relax, to recover its previous state after finishing the session without suffering any damage. 

how important is  warm up and streching in your workout

Warm-up and stretching in training

It is obvious as we know that each sport requires a specific performance. Our body doesn't need the same preparation to make a simple bicycle route as to practice bodybuilding, for example. Now, it is necessary to follow a warm-up and stretching habit in your workout,no matter your level. In this way, we will get the muscles, tendons and ligaments to be conditioned for a greater movement and recover later.
It should be noted that stretching not only serves after sports practice, but also is part of the warm-up. The reason is that these improve flexibility, increase the ability of the joints to move and avoid, in this way, possible injuries.

Main parts of sports warm-up

The phases of a warm-up can vary depending on the coach or the athlete who develops them. Now, they are normally classified into three main parts. First of all is joint mobility,taking into account all the joints of the human body. As its name suggests, this part serves to prepare and condition the joints.

On the other hand, we must take into account the pulse activation exercises. The goal is the stimulation of the cardiovascular system. In this case, we will have to carry out static and active stretches of all the muscles in a timid way. Now, the intensity will be greater in those who are involved in the sport we are going to practice.

Finally, it is necessary to adapt the warm-up to the subsequent physical activity to be performed. Thus, we will execute exercises in which the movements and effort of the specific sport are taken into account.

What are the goals of sports warming up?

The goals of warming up,whatever the sport or physical activity you are going to do, are always the same. The reason is that at all times it is developed in order to obtain optimal sports health. Below we highlight the most important ones.

Prevent injuries

How is it achieved? As the body temperature of the muscle increases, it adapts to a progressive effort and movement. In this way, the risk of suffering excessively abrupt changes that cause injuries is reduced.

Increase endurance

Resistance can be increased thanks to the fact that heating allows oxygenation of the body. Exercises and body movement can increase the breakdown of oxygen and increase its level in the blood, thus improving performance.

Reduce pain

In this kind of sports, the demand is greater, muscle wasting is common. In this way, it is necessary to stretch,increasing blood flow and relieving pain.

Improve flexibility

The increase in oxygenation in the blood after a warm-up increases the elasticity of the muscles, improving flexibility and optimizing training.

Material necessary for muscle warming

When it comes to performing a previous warm-up before executing a sports session, some products are recommended to carry it out with greater security. Among them are, for example, a rubber rope to perform some activation jumps of the lower train. A fitness ball is of course advisable to activate the core. Likewise, elastic bands help in the heating of the upper body and arms. Also, if we are going to perform barbell, pull-up or calisthenics exercises, we may need a protective wristband.

Common mistakes when heating

When it comes with both warm-up and stretching in your training routine, we have to be clear that both concepts require continuity, thus maintaining a healthy sports habit. Sports practice is an indispensable element if we want to boast of a strong physical condition. Even so, there are situations in which this physical activity can be harmful for not doing it correctly. Therefore, in this section we describe some of them so that you can avoid them.

Low heating

Dedicating little time to the warm-up and reducing the training to a single part of the body is one of the mistakes that most take place during sports practice. We must take all the appropriate steps correctly so that no mishap develops.

Inadequate training material

if we use the wrong heating equipment, from any type of accessory to the choice of footwear, can harm our health. Therefore, we must take into account this section to avoid injuries.

Stretching with pain

Pain does not mean that exercise is developing effectively. What's more, heating up aggressively can cause intense damage to any part of the body.

Lack of continuity and routine

If we do not integrate the warm-up into our routine, it is indifferent that we practice it from time to time. Our muscles will not be made to our training. Therefore, they can suffer damage that even becomes irreparable.

Lack of hydration and overeating The non-hydration and abuse of copious meals before the realization of an exercise means that our body is not 100%. That is why it is very important to drink enough water continuously and bet on a healthy diet that strengthens our body.

Risks of not stretching after training

As we have been through  before, it is as important to warm up before training as it is to stretch after. At this point we will explain the reasons why, after exercising, we must prepare our muscles to face normality again.

The lack of stretching or doing them badly results in the appearance of injuries such as muscle contractures or the rupture of the fibers of the muscles. All of the above causes intense pain. Also, not stretching properly after doing sports delays the elimination of lactic acid from the muscle and the recovery of it. In addition, at the biomechanical level, it affects the coordination between agonist and antagonist muscles. On the other hand, maintaining the increase in muscle tone by not stretching negatively affects flexibility.

Most frequent errors when performing stretches

Perform the exercises abruptly and quickly with rebounds or swings; forcing situations of excessive tension,even sometimes, causing a painful sensation believing that it has to hurt to be effective; or not maintaining the final position for the necessary time are some of the most common mistakes that occur when stretching after performing physical activity. Each exercise should last between 10 and 30 seconds, depending on the type of posture. In addition, pain will always be a warning to know that we should not continue to execute that stretch or that level is not right for us.

However, when stretching, it is advisable to maintain a specific routine so as not to forget any muscle group. This can be started by cervical stretches, continuing through the dorsal, lumbar, and abdominal.

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