Get active with these 7 exercises to train at home

It is increasingly common to do sports in our home. We control better, in this way, the duration of our training, we do not have to move in bad weather and, in addition, we can adapt a room to our needs. We will get the results we were looking for as if we were going to the gym if we find the right routine. Therefore, in order to help you in this process, throughout this article we will describe exercises to train at home. You will be surprised by its effectiveness. You will be also able to tone your muscles and increase your self-esteem in a matter of weeks.

Get active with these 7 exercises to train at home

Exercises to train at home

The exercises to train at home are very effective, being able to achieve those goals that we have set ourselves as long as we opt for willpower and perseverance. Sport is also attitude. In this way, it does not matter where we perform the sports routine, but what counts most is our daily effort, our involvement and our desire.

Sometimes it is not easy to be constant, but with the exercises to train at home that we are going to propose below, you will feel encouraged. In addition, as you notice your evolution, you will have even more desire to overcome yourself and increase the difficulty of each of the movements you perform.


If there is an exercise that must be introduced in all training, it is the iron. The reason is that its results are spectacular throughout the body. Also, it should be noted that it has many variants, which helps strengthen each muscle, practically, in the same position. Among them are the plate with flexion, the iron with a raised leg, the side iron or the plate with one hand.

To carry out the normal posture, we must place ourselves on the ground, leaning on the elbows and on the tip of the feet. Likewise, it is advisable to squeeze the abdomen so that the exercise is even more effective. In this position keep in mind ind to hold, at least, thirty seconds. Of course, the back must be completely straight.


If we want to execute this exercise properly, it is necessary that we place ourselves straight, with our feet together. Then, it's time to step up, bending both legs.  when the knee of the leg that is located further back almost touches the ground we must stop at this point. The one in front should be at an angle of ninety degrees, approximately.

When you reach this point, it is important to make force with your feet to change position and make a new repetition. It is perfect if we want to get the most out of our legs separately. We will thus be able to gain tone in the lower extremities with a single movement.


It is very likely that this is one of the exercises that we have the hardest time doing. Moreover, there are those who have never dared to develop it. Therefore, in principle it is better to execute it little by little,and to increase the level progressively.

To start by resting your knees on the ground is a good option. Little by little we will get more strength in the arms. Therefore, there will come a point where we can afford to have the whole body elevated, using only the tips of the feet and hands as support, descending with energy and surpassing ourselves day after day.


When performing squats,it is very important that we do it with the right position. To do this, in order to keep your back completely straight at all times, one tip is to lean it against the wall. From here, we must begin to bend our knees.

It's an easy way to burn fat. The descent is done until the legs form a right angle. Our body should appear to be sitting in a chair. Of course, we should not excessively strain our muscles in order not to hurt ourselves. Little by little, we will be able to increase our resistance and multiply our goals.


To do the abs properly,it is important to lie on the floor completely straight. For convenience, a mat or carpet can be used. At this point, we must bend our legs, resting on the floor the soles of our feet.

When lifting the trunk, bringing our face closer to the knees, it is necessary that the back remains straight. The neck should not be forced,because we could do a lot of damage. We should note that the effort is made in our abs, and not in another part of the body. There are many variants,but first of all, we have to master the most basic ones to be able to do the rest properly.

Jump rope

How many times as children have we jumped rope? And we weren't aware of all the benefits it provides. Well, we can take a rope, or buy one in a sports store, and remember again this exercise in which the whole body is involved. We will also burn calories quickly, learn to maintain balance and develop our reflexes. Need any other reason to start doing it?


Another exercise to train at home is rowing. To perform it, the most good  thing will be that we acquire an elastic band. There is also the possibility of buying a rowing machine, but, of course, this is much more expensive. If we want to work the muscles of the back, the movement we must develop in rowing is perfect for us.

To execute it, we just have to sit on the floor with our legs stretched out and our back straight. The elastic tape has to surround our feet, while we grab with our hands each of the ends individually. Next, we have to bring our arms back as if we were paddling.

With this movement, we will not only manage to tone our body, but we will also improve our respiratory and cardiovascular system. When we are aware of how our health is strengthened, we will realize the good idea that is to do sports in our home, with or without devices.

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