How to get defined shoulders in a short time

Everyone dream to have a well-toned torso, it is essential to achieve defined shoulders that offer symmetry and amplitude both in the front and back. In addition, shoulder training helps with injury prevention by strengthening the muscles that support the joints.

To show off in the mirror an elegant silhouette in the shape of a "V", we propose you to know more about this muscle group and follow the best tips to get well-toned shoulders.

How to get defined shoulders in a short time

The deltoid and its function

The shoulder is surrounded by tendons, muscles and other structures that allow movement. It is the most mobile joint in the body.

Well-defined shoulders help to widen the width of the back and mark the distance between the ends of the neck and torso. Therefore, to achieve a more toned and nice-looking body, it is essential to achieve defined shoulders.

  • The shoulder is composed of three portions or heads: posterior, anterior and lateral.
  • The posterior head: it is responsible for carrying the arm back.
  • The previous one: internally rotates the shoulder and flexes it.
  • The lateral head: it is responsible for separating the arm from the body, that is, abduction in the frontal plane.

Exercises to achieve defined shoulders

For integral work, it is mandatory to integrate each of the muscles that surround the shoulder. The most important exercises to define shoulders are:

Shoulder press sitting with dumbbells

This exercise involves the entire shoulder muscles. It consists of lifting a load from shoulder height upwards,completely stretching the arms and overcoming the force of gravity. It can be done sitting on a bench or standing.

Front elevations with dumbbells

To correctly execute the exercise, we must stand with our backs straight and our feet slightly apart. Next, we raise a hand and pass it in front of the head, feeling a slight tension in the upper part of the triceps.

Then you should pause and move your arm slowly, both in front of your head and when you return to the starting position. Finally, do the same with the opposite arm.

Oar around the neck

To start the exercise, the back should be placed straight and the legs slightly apart. The palms of the hand should be facing down, and you have to take the bar with both hands with a separation less than the width of the arms.

The arms are relaxed and with the bar taken the weight is dropped on the thighs to inspire and start the exercise by pulling the bar towards the chin. Subsequently, the elbows flex and pass through the sides of the head. The exercise can be done with bar or dumbbells.

Front press

Work the middle and anterior part of the shoulder. The exercise is performed sitting with a bar held with the palms of the hands facing back, placing the arms perpendicular to the body. The hands should be on the bar, farther apart than the width of the shoulders. Keeping the back straight, the bar is carried to the upper chest,almost at shoulder height, and we begin the exercise.

Next, the bar is raised by pushing with the hands, while the arms are extended. We exhale and begin the descent in a controlled manner towards the initial position. The exercise can be performed with a barbell or dumbbells.


To start the exercise, we must stand with our legs slightly apart. The dumbbells are held with both hands, while the arms are relaxed parallel to the body. Then we breathe in and shrug our shoulders upwards, while the weight rises. The shoulders are lowered as you exhale, returning the dumbbells to the starting position.

Lateral elevations with dumbbells to achieve defined shoulders

We must stand up, with our legs slightly separated at the width of the hips and flexed. With the back straight, we must hold the two dumbbells with our hands. The arms remain on the sides of the body slightly flexed.

Subsequently, we raise the two arms next to the dumbbells, until they are aligned with the shoulders, and then from there we go down slowly. This exercise can also be performed arm by arm and with pulleys.

Adequate nutrition to achieve defined shoulders

The shoulders are one of the most difficult muscles to develop, but they are also one of the notable muscles and must be trained patiently along with the indicated routines.

In addition, one of the secrets to gaining volume is a proper diet, rich in protein and carbohydrates,with correct portions and amounts. If you exercise a lot, you have to eat well.

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