Ideas for practicing exercises at home to tone the whole body

Exercising should take huge a part of everyone's daily life, as it helps us keep the body and mind healthy. most people look for excuses not to train; however, it is not necessary to go to a gym or go outside because you can practice exercises at home to tone the whole body.

The most important thing is to have the willingness and desire to train to perform the following exercises at home and get your whole body in shape. You simply have to follow the instructions and, if it is to your liking, play the music that you like and motivate the most.

Exercise routines at home to tone the whole body

Most experts recommend working a muscle group every day and that is why we are going to teach you through the article various exercises focused on different muscle groups so that you can do them on different days. However, if you are in top physical condition and want to combine them together in the same session, it is also possible.


A very popular exercise that can not be missing in any exercise routine at home. Stand and place both legs open at the same distance from your shoulders, with your feet slightly outward.

Place your back straight, pull out your ass a little and go down in that position, as if you were going to sit down. Bend the knees, without exceeding the feet, making an angle of 90 degrees. During the execution of the exercise always look forward and, if you want to have a little more stability, extend your arms forward. Repeat 10-12 times.

Dead weight

The starting position of the exercise is very similar to the squat, but with the legs a little more open than the width of the shoulders. Place on the floor, right in the middle of the legs, the object that you are going to lift and that will serve as a weight.

Pull out your chest and don't shrink your shoulders forward and flex your legs facing the front, without passing the height of your feet. Pull the buttocks back, grab the weight as tight as you can and climb up trying to keep the arms from participating in the movement. Perform 8 to 10 repetitions.

Strides, among the best exercises at home to tone the whole body

First, place your feet together and step forward, then bend the leg behind until the knee almost touches the ground. Always keep the torso straight, while the leg in front should bend without the knee passing 90 degrees. Alternate your legs with each repetition.

Superman from the ground

Lie face down with your arms extended on each side above your head, with your palms facing the ground and your legs together. Then squeeze the buttocks and lift at the same time the straight legs, arms, head and back. Keep the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat 8-10 times.

Sitting paddle with elastic bands

If you have this great accessory at home, you can do this incredible exercise to tone the back. Sit with your legs extended or slightly flexed and place the rubber band under the sole of the shoes.

Take each end of the resistance band with both hands and at the same height. Keep your back straight and stretch your arms back to the height of your abdomen. Slowly return to the starting position. You can perform 10-12 repetitions per set.

Bridge or hip lifts

Lie on the floor on your back with your legs bent, your feet resting on the floor, and your arms stretched out in the direction of your feet. To start the exercise you only have to climb as high as you can the back, buttocks, abdomen and hips,while the shoulders, arms and feet serve as support, hold this position for a few seconds and descend slightly. Repeat 8-10 times.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises at home to tone the whole body. Including this exercise in your daily routine can achieve excellent results such as endurance, coordination, improvement of cardiovascular rhythm and toning of all the muscles of the body. Repetitions always depending on your physical condition.

deas for practicing exercises at home to tone the whole body

Push-ups, one of the best exercises at home to tone the whole body

Another good exercise that can not be missing in any exercise routine at home. Although push-ups may seem somewhat complicated at first, with the practice great advances and changes can be achieved in the body.

Start the exercise by resting your hands on the floor and with your arms outstretched; with straight legs and the tip of the feet supporting the ground. Then lower the body, exerting the force on the arms,until your training level allows it. Repeat 8-10 times for each set.

Paddle inclined with one arm

 First, place one knee and one hand above a bench or chair, and with the other hand take a dumbbell or a jug of water. Tilt your body by keeping your back straight and bend your knee. Sube the dumbbell flexing the elbow and then lower it slightly keeping the arm stretched. Repeat 10-12 times for each set.

Sitting abduction with elastic band, another of the most useful home exercises to tone the whole body

Hold the band above the knees around both legs and place your feet at shoulder height. Then open both legs in coordination until you reach the tension of the elastic band and hold the position for a few seconds. Put your legs back together and repeat 10-12 times.

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