5 fitness myths no woman should believe

The world of diets and exercise is a minefield of myths, misconceptions and big lies that distance people of both sexes from their goals, and often end up discouraging them, or worse, end up causing them health problems.

It is necessary that more and more web portals and personalities linked to the fitness industry contribute to discard myths that have become part of the collective knowledge, because they have many years of roots and through word of mouth has contributed to their perpetration until today. This time we present 5 of the fitness myths that no woman should believe.

5 fitness myths no woman should believe

5 fitness myths no woman should believe

1. Weight training makes women as strong as men

 inoculating women with a phobia of weights that ends up relegating them to the endless cardio sessions that do not give them the body they want to have. 

 As we know women produce testosterone naturally, but in such a small amount that it does not allow them to gain muscle on par with an average man. The only thing that can happen to you if you lift weights is that you develop an athletic, marked and attractive physique.

2. Women should lift light weights and do many repetitions

This myth has made many women spend it doing endless repetitions with colored weights that do not take them anywhere near the achievement of their goals, so many end up giving up. A woman needs (and can) lift more weight to sculpt the physique they want: to gain muscle mass, lose fat and reduce measures you have to do exercises with an average of between 6 and 12 repetitions, with a weight that barely allows you to complete the last repetition correctly, and with little rest between sets to maintain an intensity that favors fat loss.

3. Cardio is better than weights for weight loss

Another deep-seated myth that attacks the great benefits that strength training can bring to women. The truth is that dedicating yourself only to doing cardio is going to result in weight loss... But much of that weight is going to be from the muscle that leads to burning fat even in periods of rest and keeps the metabolism accelerated. Effective weight loss involves losing fat while trying to preserve muscle mass, so the ideal is to combine cardio with weights.

4. Consuming too much protein makes you fat

Let's s pretend you follow a training program that includes cardio and strength training, but you still look the same. Maybe you're not consuming the protein needed to build muscle. Many women are afraid of protein because they hear the big guys in the gym talk about powdered supplements, and they automatically assume that they will look like them if they increase their protein intake.

In fact, protein is essential for the development of lean muscle mass, and if you are an active woman you need more protein in your diet so that the results of your hard work in the gym can be noticed. It is not strictly necessary that you go to powder supplementation to get the extra you need, with a balanced diet it is possible to cover your protein requirements.

 Forget the fear of gaining weight by consuming more protein; in fact, this macronutrient has great satiating power, which translates into fewer calories consumed and less likelihood of succumbing to cravings.

Now, how much protein should you consume? In general, between 1.5 and 1.7 grams of protein should be consumed for every kilogram of body weight.

5. Older women should not lift weights

Thanks to this misconception, many ladies just dance, or do pilates and yoga to stay in shape. Although there is nothing wrong with these activities, if a young woman can lift weights, an older woman can also, of course, taking the proper precautions, hand in hand with the doctor and a coach.

It is true that as we grow old, women and men (yes, men too) lose muscle mass and the process of gaining muscle becomes more uphill, but with the right diet and an exercise program that challenges muscles, it is possible. In fact, strength training brings great benefits to older women: it prevents bone density loss, keeps injuries away, and provides energy.

No longer let these fitness myths take you away from your goals: with a proper exercise program, a balanced diet and a champion mentality you can achieve whatever you want in the gym.
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