Basic planning of bodybuilding training

The basic planning of bodybuilding training is not a topic that should be considered unimportant. In fact, good planning is key to achieving success in bodybuilding training routines.

That is why in this article we will explain what are the aspects that have to be taken into account to establish training planning in the medium and long term.

Basic planning of bodybuilding training in the medium and long term

How should the basic planning of bodybuilding training be done?

Throughout the article, the correct way in which training plans should be structured in the medium and long term will be explained. For this, it should be borne in mind that the genetics and goals of each person are different, which is why there should always be a certain degree of versatility during planning.

Macrocycle planning

The macrocycle is the overall training plan and the beginning of all base planning. During this stage you have to define what are the different physical characteristics that you want to develop. It is necessary to make a division of periods, months and weeks, taking into account the times when it will be possible to train.

In addition, it is during this part of the planning that it will be defined what will be the percentage of load applied to each training and what will be the subdivisions of microcycles and mesocycles.
It is worth mentioning that subdivisions should only be made after having established the structure of all the aforementioned aspects that make up the macrocycle. It will begin with the creation of mesocycles, which must be aimed at optimizing biomotor capacities within each period, both in the medium and long term. In fact, without good mesocycle planning it will be difficult to meet the bodybuilding goals.

when the plan is fully completed of the mesocycles we will have to plan the microcycles, which are important to ensure adequate control of the weekly workouts. The microcycles focus on facilitating the obtaining of immediate adaptations, as they will be oriented to vary the intensity of the exercises according to the evolution of our physical condition and the sensations generated.

 The importance of microcycles is that they emphasize the individual progress of each person. They are crucial for personalized planning of the training, which will achieve that each exercise is optimal for the specific conditions of each person.

Methods for training resistance and adapting

An important point that must be considered in all basic planning of bodybuilding training is that, when you are going to train after a long period of inactivity, you must start with an adaptive overload training, so it is important to avoid forcing the body to offer maximum performance from the beginning.
These adaptation and resistance workouts have to have a gradual and anticipated increase in intensity. To achieve this goal it is necessary to resort to the creation of blocks of periods, which can be monthly, annual, biannual, and even quadrennial. Choosing the length of the periods will depend on the conditions of the person and the medium- and long-term development objectives that are had.

Principles to follow

In order to create an optimal method of resistance training and adaptation it is necessary to follow certain basic principles of muscle has to do with the principle of biological individuality, overload, adaptation, continuity, specific individuality of movements and interdependence between intensity and volume.

It is advisable to start with series of general exercises, which should be oriented to train several muscle groups at once, so calisthenics exercises are usually a good option. However, depending on what the target sports discipline is, priority may be given to some specific exercises.

In any case, at a general level the workouts should be based on multi-joint exercises mainly. Some examples of exercises of this style are the military press, bench press, parallel bottoms, pull-ups, deadlifts, squats and rowing. This is not to say that monoarticular exercises cannot be implemented in routines, but deciding whether they are necessary will require an evaluation taking into account the principles of muscle development.

Base planning of bodybuilding training according to the individual

Both medium- and long-term planning should be done taking into account the specific characteristics of the person you will be training. This is because it is not the same to train a person who lifts weights regularly than to train a person who has never entered a gym in his life.

Therefore, a training volume should be planned according to the physical condition of the person. By training volume we mean the number of training sessions that the person must perform each week, day and month. In addition, the number of repetitions and series of each exercise that will be performed in each of those sessions must also be taken into account.

It is worth mentioning that the level of training of the individual is not the only factor that has to be taken into account for the planning of the training volume. The principle of adaptive methodology should not be neglected, so the volume of training should also increase gradually.

In addition to the volume of training, the intensity with which you will train is also an important factor to consider. Within the planning according to the individual must be indicated the weight with which each exercise will be performed.

On the other hand, since the objective is to perform a bodybuilding training, the loads must vary between strength, resistance and balanced training, so that the intensity varies to optimize muscle hypertrophy in the best possible way.

Also, in the case of planning routines for beginners, you should be more meticulous during planning, since these people are more likely to suffer various damages to the body when they undergo an excessive training routine according to their physical condition.


There is no specific way for training variants to undulate. Therefore, the variation can occur in each microcycle or each mesocycle. In both cases it is advisable to program intensity blocks and resistance blocks.

In more common circumstances, the training blocks will vary to achieve increased strength, power, and hypertrophy. However, because in this case the goal is to achieve maximum bodybuilding, most workouts should be aimed at promoting muscle hypertrophy. In fact, the blocks of variation that favor strength or resistance should be introduced only so as not to hinder the process of hypertrophy in the long term
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