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To have beautiful abs, it is imperative to take measures to modulate them. There are a large number of exercises to do the abdominals, and everyone is free to make the choice that suits him. You should know that what suits one may not bring results to the other.

 Also, not all have the same level of requirements. However, we are always looking to improve and for that, we have the solution! If you want to work your abdominals to lose belly and get beautiful chocolate bars, you need exercise. 

Here we deliver you the 10 best exercises to work your abdominals well. But before starting, it is necessary to know the constitution of the abdominals as well as the role and mode of operation of the latter.

The Best Abdominal Exercises

The Best Abdominal Exercises

Constitution of the abdominal strap

The abdominals are part of the different muscles of the body, all of which form the abdominal strap. Here is their name and positioning:

The cross: it is a muscle that has the role of stabilizing the trunk, it is the deepest of all the muscles that make up the abdominal strap.

The large straight: it is in the anterior part of the abdomen and it is shaped like a chocolate bar with small squares.

The big and small oblique: these are on the side. They are easily located thanks to their V-shape, The small oblique is located under the large oblique. They help with the rotation of the trunk as well as lateral flexion.

The large serrated: this is the muscle located on the side wall of the chest, it is he who holds the shoulder blade that is glued to the chest. True, it is not part of the abdominals, but it plays an aesthetic role, very important for those who modulate their abdominal strap. It is recognized by its sawtooth shape.

It is therefore his muscles that must be worked in order to obtain the beautiful chocolate bars that some men (and women), love so much.

How to make your abs visible

If you want to make your muscles visible, you will have to start by eliminating the fat around them. Depending on the fat content, it is advisable to make an appropriate diet or rather to readapt one's diet. If we do not treat this problem, there is no need to go further, because fat envelops all the muscles, making them invisible. Be aware that abdominal exercises have an effect on development and not on fat loss. For this, an adequate diet remains the only remedy.

Apart from the beautiful chocolate bars, strengthening your abs also strengthens your muscles to have an improved abdominal sheathing, which is necessary for running or swimming at a high level. In any case, it is not one or two exercises in particular that will bring a concrete result, but a set of exercises. Together, in an abdo program, these exercises will make it possible to work, little by little, the entire abdominal strap. It is therefore necessary to prepare a program, to get started.
So let's move on to the exercises that should be part of your program.

The 10 best exercises to have abdominals

1 – Head-up lifting

This exercise, will especially strengthen the top of the abs great straight. For beginners, this is the basic exercise and for the confirmed, it is rather a useful exercise during the warm-up.

How to practice it?

You lie on your back and stick it to the ground, put your arms along your body, and flex your legs. The feet are laid flat. You are in the right position. Then it is a question of bringing his chin in, slowly raising his head and then the shoulders and arms. Throughout the exercise, we exhale as slowly as possible. If the effort is difficult for you, you have the option of leaving the elbows and forearms on the ground, this reduces the load. For a start, it is advisable to repeat the exercise at least six times, a number that can be increased with the progress of the program.

2 – The crunch- abs

This is an exercise for abdominals that must be paid attention to. Indeed if it is poorly performed, problems in the spine and pelvic floor, can arise. This exercise is ideal for working the abdominals great straight.

How to practice it?

This exercise is ideal for beginners, as it is devoid of any risk. You lie down and put your back on the ground. The legs rest on a chair and the arms are placed on the thighs. Then, the exercise is very simple to perform. We slide our hands on the thighs until we reach the kneecap while flexing her bust. We practice the climb by exhaling slowly. Then slowly, we go back down to reposition ourselves in the starting position. As we go down, we inhale slowly. The exercise can be repeated between 8 and 12 time.
There are many variants of the crunch, once you master the crunch abdo, you can go to a higher level, including the crunch without chair, which requires a lot of effort, the crunch legs raised without any support, the crunch abs crossed, the double-crunch which consists of working the muscles of the top and bottom of the abdominal strap as well as the crunch on a gym ball. This last version allows to work the oblique abs and crosses.

3 – The board

If the board is the best known exercise, it is because the result is there. With this exercise, we work not only the abdominals, but also the back. The practice of the board seems easy, however it requires considerable effort.
The board exercise

How to practice it?

We lie on our stomachs, we put our forearms on the ground, here, we make sure that the elbows remain aligned with the shoulders. We also put our toes on the ground. Then it takes concentration, the best is to fix a point on the ground located between the hands, it also helps to keep the spine and neck, straight. We then lift his body, leaning on the forearms and toes. This position should be held for a minimum of 20 seconds before resting the body flat, and then starting again. The ideal is to repeat these movements at least 6 times at each session.

4 – Scissors

This exercise will work the oblique abdominals, but also the muscles of the legs and the pectorals. This is the best exercise for those who want to have "V" shaped abs.

Scissors exercise

How to practice it?

You put your buttocks on the ground. The arms are placed back and the hands are flat, which allows a balance of the body. We lift one leg and then the other and repeat as much as possible. Here it is advisable to contract its "core" (the entire abdominal belt), which brings more efficiency.

5 – The rolling balloon

This exercise involves working the entire abdominal strap. Little known, but very effective.

How to practice it?
We land on the ground, we bend our legs. Then, the arms are thrown forward to connect the hands that must be placed on the kneecaps. The feet remain raised, throughout the exercise, at no time should they touch the ground. We then begin a series of movements by switching forward and backward.

6 – Roulette

More reserved for experienced practitioners, the exercise of roulette requires specific equipment (a roulette wheel or a bar with two light weights). This movement makes it possible to considerably strengthen the entire abdominal belt. It combines sheathing and dynamic movement, which makes it possible to work the muscles both deeply and on the surface as well as the lumbar.

Roulette exercise

How to practice it?

Get on your knees, arms outstretched and grab the roulette wheel. Your arms should form a 45° angle with the ground. Roll the roulette wheel in front of you almost as far as possible and then return to the initial position. For the more adventurous, rather than putting your knees on the ground, simply tiptoe. Good luck!

7 – The lumberjack

For this exercise, you will need to get a weight, it will make you work the obliques,

How to practice it?

Take the weight and put a knee on the ground. Then, try to lift this weight with the help of both hands, until you bring it back above the shoulder located in line of the foot that is forward. You are in position. Then we lower the weight in the direction of the opposite hip, then we return to the starting point. The same movement is repeated at least 12 times at each session.

8 – The Seal

This exercise is certainly funny, but very effective to obtain beautiful chocolate bars, indeed all the muscles are solicited.

How to practice it?

We land on the ground. The inside of each leg is caught around the ankles to keep the legs apart and bent (as if you were a suit). You are in position. Now hit the heels against each other two or three times in a row and then swing back so that the back comes to touch the ground, without ever letting go of your ankles and then go back forward. Repeat these movements as many times as you can.

9 – The bicycle

The bicycle allows you to work the upper and lower abdominals. A great exercise that affects the entire abdominal strap, but also all the muscles of the legs.

How to practice it?

We lie on the ground. The back and head remain on the ground while the legs make the bottom bracket in the air. Still pedaling, we start by lifting the shoulders one after the other in the direction of the opposite knee. The ideal is to repeat this exercise twelve times in two stages and at each session.

10 – Leg survey

This exercise requires a pull-up bar to cling to to practice it.

How to practice it?

Hold on to the pull-up bar, keep the bust straight and raise your legs stretched upwards. If possible and depending on your level of training, make your feet touch the bar. This exercise is difficult but allows to work both the power and the volume of the abdominal belt. It is best to do this at the beginning of the session, when you still have a lot of strength and energy.

Know that for each exercise, it is not the quantity that counts, but the quality of the exercise. Make sure that the exercise practiced is performed correctly.

Two more tips for having abs

As you have seen, there are a multitude of exercises that aim to develop the musculature of your abdominals. Only, doing your exercises is not enough to get an athlete's body. You should also follow his two tips.

Use weights during your abs strength training exercises

To strengthen your abs, you can follow the exercises on this site for example. During your bodybuilding exercises, bring weights. Weights allow you to carry a load during exercise. The exercise will then be more difficult and you will have to use your muscles more. By using weights, you will get visible results much faster. Start with weights adapted to your physique and your level. As you train, you will be able to lift heavier and heavier weights.

Adopt a healthy and balanced diet

In order for your abs to be visible, you need to lose fat. To lose your fat mass, practicing physical activity is not enough. You must couple your training with a healthy lifestyle and this goes through diet. Choose vegetables, rice, white meat or fish.

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