Arm and pectoral strength training

Arm strength training specially with  push-ups is done primarily with dips or rear pump to develop the brachial triceps and have large arms. The triceps is indeed larger than its antagonist, the biceps whose muscle strengthening goes through pull-ups at the helm. The bench press is the 3rd main exercise to strengthen the arms in complementarity with the pectorals.

The classic push-ups are also a good exercise for muscle strengthening of the arms. Finally, dumbbells and guided load machines allow rapid arm strength training through isolation exercises exclusively involving the biceps or triceps.

Bodyweight exercises to build arm muscle

The dips or rear pump

The dips or rear pump is a bodybuilding exercise in flexion-extension of the arms. It is comparable to the squat but for the upper body. It solicits in particular the triceps, and more generally the entire upper body.

dips for arm strength training

A few tricks make it a simple exercise to include in a bodybuilding program at home.

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pull-ups is a classic bodybuilding exercise at body weight. It is a complete exercise for the arms and back. Successfully doing a pull is mandatory for the sports events of the Officer of the gendarmerie, firefighters, police and army competitions. However, the exercise of traction can be very difficult, even eliminatory, because it is a question of moving one's own weight. By doing pull-ups we muscle the arms, brachial biceps and anterior brachial, but also the back, large dorsal and large round.



The exercise of push-ups is very well known and excellent for strengthening the pectorals, triceps and the great serrate; It does not require equipment but it can be performed with a gym ball which increases the body stabilization requirements for the core muscles.
The pumps must always be accompanied by strengthening exercises for their antagonistic muscles that is, in this case, the external rotating muscles of the humerus (infra and supraspinatus, small round), the trapezius and especially the large dorsal. Exercises such as pulling (rowing, high pulley, low pulley), pull-ups and apartment rowing will be perfect for this. Our push-ups program, available below, is adapted to this requirement of complementarity. We will also insist on stretching the shoulders with stick to straighten the bust and open the rib cage.

2 programs push-ups

Its goal is to gain volume by strengthening your arms at home with a traction bar. The program consists of doing 2 pull-ups and 4 push-ups successively for 20 minutes.

2 - For this second more difficult program requiring the same equipment we will make sure to take at least one day of rest between each of the 15 training sessions. The duration of the main effort gradually changes from 14 to 24 minutes. A good cardio-respiratory and articulo-muscular warm-up is essential before approaching the AMRAP part (as many repetitions as possible). Although the requirements are different from one session to another it will be good to note at the end of each of them the number of repetitions reached and the total of push-ups and pull-ups performed. 

Exercises with additional charges

The bench press is performed lying on a horizontal bench, the glutes in contact with the bench, the feet on the ground. The English name Bench Press emphasizes the fact that the action sought is a complete extension of the arms (Press) by lying on a bench (Bench means Bench) unlike the Shoulder Press or military developed which is carried out sitting with the load in contact with the upper shoulders. 
It is a question of grasping the bar, hands in pronation by taking a spacing greater than the width of the shoulders, then inhaling and lowering the bar by controlling the movement to the chest, finally developing by exhaling at the end of the effort.

Strength training exercises in isolation with dumbbells

To strengthen the biceps in isolation, that is to say exclusively the biceps, with dumbbells, it is necessary to make sure to stall, either the elbow for the 1st exercise below with a single dumbbell, or the back for the second.
The bodybuilding of the triceps is completed by a work of maintenance and balancing of the muscles of the abdomen for the 1st exercise below and the backs for the 2nd which ensures a general sheathing essential for any sports activity.

Exercises with guided load

Weight training with a guided load device offers quick results and allows a safe and targeted training at the arm level but a weight bench offers more advantages than a complete device. Not counting the lower cost, there are at least 3 reasons to prefer bodybuilding with a simple bench rather than a complex machine.

Other strength training exercises for the bust and legs

The biceps are the muscles primarily worked at the level of the upper limbs; at the level of the bust it is the pectorals while the quadriceps are mainly chosen for the lower limbs.

Bodybuilding exercises for the pectorals

The pectorals are very often solicited in synergy with the muscles of the arms but there are also situations that make it possible to strengthen them more specifically. The pectorals are thus stimulated by bodybuilding exercises such as sweater and butterfly. Wanting voluminous pectorals, rather wide, square and conforming to the ideal measurements, is clearly an aesthetic goal but having powerful pectorals is also a real advantage in many sports.

Quadriceps Strength Exercises

The squat is the main bodybuilding exercise of partial or total flexion of the lower limbs. It primarily solicits the quadriceps and glutes but also the lumbar and back muscles. For an exclusive bodybuilding of the quadriceps, in case of injuries to the bust or arms for example, we will move to tone them towards the use of a multi-function device with a guided  load.

Anatomical description of muscles and exercises adapted to their strengthening

It is essential, to follow an effective and non-traumatic training, to know precisely the muscular, articular and bone anatomy of the human body. When the angles of execution of the movements and the manual grips adopted comply with the peculiarities of the tendon insertions and the articular surfaces, the tensions are reduced to the maximum which avoids the unnecessary traumas that are often at the origin of painful contractures or tendonitis. The following articles reflect this approach. In this sense, they will optimize the content of your training and avoid injuries that could call into question your sports goals.

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