Fitness equipment

fitness equipment is very important factor to help you reach that shape you dream of, In gym or even in your home if you buy fitness equipment , you get everything for your fitness training where you prefer to train. Whether dumbbells, tubes, steppers, elliptical cross trainers or entire equipment parks: In any shop you will find extensive range and  find high-quality  from brand manufacturers - from small aids to complete equipment for fitness studios.

fitness equipements

Fitness equipment in the studio and at home

Fitness is very important for a healthy body feeling for many active people. Regular endurance training keeps the cardiovascular system going and promotes fat burning. Targeted strength training not only ensures a tight stomach or crisp buttocks, but can also counteract and prevent complaints such as back pain. Whether you prefer to train in the studio or at home, whether you are looking for equipment for physiotherapy or even want to set up a complete gym: At Sport-Thieme you will find the right equipment.

How to find the right fitness equipment

 Fitness equipment for  endurance or strength  it found in store or you can go to gym if you are not willing to train alone, catalogue are marked differently depending on the area of application. Equipment that is ideal for training at home is marked "Home Sports". 

any fitness equipements store offer a large selection of high-quality exercise bikes from brand manufacturers such as Life Fitness, Horizon Fitness and Co. In the section "Semi-professional" you will find fitness equipment that is recommended for hotels, clubs or private customers with high demands. Fitness equipment marked "Professional" is suitable for furnishing fitness studios or therapy rooms. But even with small equipment, fitness training with fitness equipment can be very efficient. 

In the fitness shop you will find everything your heart desires

In the fitness shop you will find everything you need to train yourself with fitness equipments, build muscle and strengthen your body. From rowing machines and ergometers to multi-gyms, boxing and weight training – in the Fitness Shop you will find everything your heart desires with fast and reliable delivery from a professional source. 100 days right of return and at least 3 years warranty made it even more attractive. Are you a beginner or already a professional? Here, too, you shape in good hands: 

endurance and strength equipment are marked differently. This gives you an easier overview of which training device is suitable for beginners, for advanced and which for the professional, semi-professional or home sector.

Cardio equipment: Improve endurance and lose weight through cardiovascular training

With cardio training equipment, you can complete an individual full-body workout with which you not only improve your general fitness: Regular fitness training can also lower blood pressure, increase metabolism and breathing volume, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and much more. fitness equipements  i mean The classic among the cardio machines are the treadmills.

 With them, all ages and fitness levels can jog and walk under controlled conditions from home, in the gym, club or as part of a therapy. In the case of joint problems or in the physio area and rehabilitation sports, on the other hand, the use of ergometers, rowing machines and elliptical cross trainers can be more useful, as the load on e.B knees and ankles is significantly lower. 

Elliptical cross trainers and rowing machines also involve the upper body even more, which further increases calorie consumption. Ambitious athletes can also rely on indoor bikes instead of ergometers and exercise bikes. These have a very high mechanical maximum resistance, no freewheel and are also very much based on training on the real bike. Perfect for all cyclists who want to train even in bad weather.

Weight machines: Building muscle in clubs, gyms and rehab

Weight machines one of the best fitness equipements such as weight bench, multi-press or lat pull are the counter-example to the cardio machines. With the multi-gyms, you can specifically train individual muscle groups and thus achieve muscle growth with the right diet. In addition to their use in gyms and clubs, weight machines are also important movement therapy aids in rehabilitation after injuries and operations. With us you can quickly and easily recognize and select equipment for home workouts, professional fitness stations for gyms and Co. as well as equipment according to the Medical Devices Act MPG for rehabilitation.

Dumbbells: The versatile weight training classic in numerous versions

Dumbbells are among the most versatile weight machines thanks to their large variety of exercises. Depending on the exercise, you can specifically challenge and strengthen almost every muscle group. This makes barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and Co. ideal for home use or use in smaller club fitness rooms. In addition, an attractive free weight area in gyms is part of the absolute basic equipment.

Gymnastic dumbbells and fist dumbbells are also very popular as an additional weight for aerobics and gymnastic workouts and ideal for group classes. Whether complete dumbbell sets or individual weight plates, dumbbell bars, dumbbells or barbells or the right accessories such as dumbbell racks and dumbbell closures: Sport-Thieme offers you an attractive offer from which you can buy your dumbbells.

Fitness bands for group classes, therapy and fitness stretching

Fitness bands and tubes are at least as versatile as dumbbells. Due to their low weight, the resistance bands are particularly suitable for mobile use on holidays and hotels, joint-gentle muscle building in physiotherapy or as a training device in fitness courses. 

Rubber bands, thera bands and Co. have also become indispensable for stretching in the context of warm-ups and cool-downs. In our online shop you will find fitness bands in different resistance levels for all fitness levels – whether classic, closed, with fabric cladding or with loop(s), as well as of course the right accessories such as door anchors and foot cuffs, with which you can expand the range of exercises even further.

Loosen adhesions, relieve pain and prevent injuries with fascia trainers

Many hardenings and everyday complaints can be related to glued fascia, which is often caused by a lack of exercise. With fascia articles you can make the soft tissue components of our connective tissue firm and supple again. The most well-known tools  are fascia roller, fascia ball, cupping vacuum cleaner and fascia roller. 

Recently, however, more and more electronic connective tissue trainers such as high-frequency vibration massagers and stimulation current devices have become established. With these training devices, you can not only relieve tension and prevent injuries. Regularly used during warm-up or waste heating, you can use the tools to increase your mobility and even increase your performance.

Boxing and martial arts equipment: Intensive full-body training with the right equipment

Martial arts such as boxing, kickboxing, judo, karate, MMA or Muay Thai not only promote strength, assertiveness, self-confidence and aggression reduction of the athletes. Since the whole body is involved, the athletes also burn a lot of calories and additionally train responsiveness, coordination and speed. Therefore, in addition to classic boxing training, self-defense courses for women and children as well as fitness boxing have also become established.  

you will find suitable competition and training fitness equipment for various combat sports and course offers such as boxing gloves, punch pads, standing punching bags and training dummies, punching balls, skipping ropes, complete boxing rings as well as the right protective equipment and bandages.

so tell us what you think below in the comment box , I'm excited to hear your feedback about any fitness equipements you had or still having and about its performances.

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