How do I become a personal trainer?

In this article, you will learn how to become a personal trainer and what trainer licenses you need to do so.

First and foremost, if you aspire to the profession of personal trainer, you should have an interest in sports and enjoy dealing with people. personal trainers are usually employed at a gym or other health-related company and help clients achieve their athletic goals. In order to be able to work as a personal trainer in practice, a corresponding trainer license is required.

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The personal Trainer requirements

The personal Trainer C-License

A distinction is made between the personal trainer A license, the personal trainer B license and the personal trainer C license.

With the personal trainer C license you get a taste of the first trainer air. It is the first of three license levels and offers you the opportunity to orient yourself in the fitness market, ideal for anyone who wants to look for new career opportunities on a part-time basis. The C license is valid as an assistance certificate. This means for you that you work in a supporting function with other trainers and coaches who have a B or A license. 

Basically, we recommend the C license as the foundation of your career. The trainer training helps you to familiarize yourself with goal-oriented work in fitness, but also in the health industry. At the Academy of Sport and Health, the C license can easily be completed part-time. The specialist knowledge will be taught to you in 5 lessons with the appropriate teaching letters.

The  personal Trainer B-License

In the personal trainer B-License training you acquire the basic core competencies in the areas of anatomy and physiology as well as training theory and nutrition. This enables you to support and guide your customers on the training area in a practice-oriented manner. The personal trainer B license includes a sound education in the fitness sector. Important specialist knowledge in a balanced balance of theoretical and practical phases offers you the opportunity to pursue further courses. These include, for example, the Medical personal trainer and the Personal Trainer B license.

The personal Trainer A-License

Within the scope of the personal trainer A license, the knowledge acquired with the personal trainer B license in the areas of anatomy and physiology as well as training and nutrition theory is significantly expanded and deepened. In addition, additional competencies are acquired, especially in performance diagnostics and medical training therapy. Through your acquired practical experience, you can, for example, also optimally support performance-oriented athletes or customers with sports injuries.

The personal trainer A license is considered the highest personal trainer title to be achieved. In order to obtain the personal trainer A license, the courses personal trainer B License, Medical personal trainer and the Personal Trainer B License must be successfully completed. With the successful completion of all three courses, you will then receive the personal trainer A license. This means that you are trained to provide comprehensive customer support and can also respond to more specific customer requirements.

The examination of the respective courses usually consists of a practical and a theoretical part. In the personal trainer training, only a practical teaching sample takes place. In the practical part, your lecturer will ask about the functions of strength and endurance training, among other things. The theoretical part deals with topics such as anatomy & physiology and training science issues.

In this way, you acquire the necessary skills to expertly guide and advise customers and gym members. This will lay the foundations for your professional career as a personal trainer.

With us you can complete your training at numerous locations in Germany. We offer you the training to actively take your professional career in the fitness industry into your hands and pursue your coaching activities. The fitness industry keeps many attractive career opportunities open to you!

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