Personal trainer

This service consists of preparing trainings focused on your objectives. Personal trainer will guide you along the fastest and safest route so you can reach your health and fitness goals. This plan will also include a meal guide.

Why you should look for a personal trainer? 

personal trainer is an elite service where everything in your training should have done in a personalized way, which means it should take you to the next level and in the best way and in the fastest way to reach your plan in which you decide to hire a personal trainer.
Personal trainer

Personal Trainer with a strong background and professionalism, very passionate about helping  clients achieve their fitness goals and helping them lead a healthy lifestyle is very important to take your self to the next level.

 I was a passionate amateur soccer player in 2004 to 2009 until one day I got an injury to my chest while playing soccer that caused me not to be able to play soccer for 3 month, also the constant jokes towards me for being an extremely thin guy made me make the decision to enter for the first time to a gym and the world of fitness.
It was the best decision i ever made so far, and since that day that I dedicate myself to helping people achieve their goals, I know how it feels to be discriminated against by an aesthetic condition for being fat or skinny.

 For years I have worked hard to find a personal trainer motivator, it was an experience beyond imagination in which made me to be good enough not just to help my self, but to help others during their journey in fitness world.

What should a personal trainer have?

  • Personality
  • make you trust your ability to learn more than you think 
  • to push yourself harder  every day
  • curiousity to dig in every single information
  • Empathy
  • Professionalism
  • Nutrition knowledge
  • See yourself as a personal trainer

What does this mean? I am not a personal trainer who needs a personal trainer, if you go through the big gyms you will see that the personal trainer needs a personal trainer, professionals who do not see with bodies and physical condition that a personal trainer should have.


Btrainerfitness has a past history in Chile. South America specifically in CHILE, where the goal of the gym is to welcome people to get a low-cost personal trainer service by getting a first-class personalized training service, is exactly what I want to do in the United States, you know that personal training costs are very expensive from 700 and up to 1200 for 12 classes a month,  in my opinion it seems excessive and deprives people to incorporate a good form to the sport, these excessive prices keep people away from sportsin.

Btrainerfitness you will find prices up to 70% less than usual, I invite you to carry out your free
training weekly have the necessary experience to help you achieve all your goals with more than 8 years of experience and a lifetime practicing sports.

Training for athletes

For any sport, we will give them a personalized training plan so you can feel your maximum performance in your sport. Whether it's football, soccer, volleyball, basketball etc. – I have many ways I can help you do the best I can, feel stronger and more confident.

If you are looking for:
  • Be stronger
  • Be faster
  • Become more powerful
  • Improve your stretch


personal trainer can help you achieve this with different trainings adapted to your goals if you keep in mind that nothing happen over night and everything require consistency and hard work, just be tenacious and dedicated to your self.
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